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People sharing their experiences of what Hospice Yukon has meant for them.

"What a wonderful experience the Lights of Life ceremony was for me!  The atmosphere, the company of volunteers, the folks sharing, their stories...just what I needed & I'm sure a gift to so many in the community."

~Jan Harper~

“…from a grateful father's heart to you folks there and to an organization I will forever be indebted to - indebted because I am healed now and able to live life with a fullness and a completeness that would not have been possible had you not been there for me during my time of darkness of the soul.”
~Ken Mathies, counselling client~

I made new friends and it was so important to keep talking and sharing and keeping memories of my loved ones alive.”

~Walking Group participant~

Healing Touch has provided me with a safe place to feel and express my emotions. I am grateful for the caring support, much needed balance, and loving energy that healing touch provides me.”

~Carrie Anne Burgess~

The grief support group was wonderful in so many ways-the people, the stories, the support and of course the delicious goodies. The most healing part for me however, was having the permission and the space to come each week to remember, talk about and honour the special people I had recently lost.”

~Sheila Benson~

I suggest this workshop be compulsory for anyone in the health care field. Knowing that I was not alone in this, with frustrations and unmet needs at work - as well as problem solving with other attendees was useful.”

~ Frontline Workers-Loss, Grief and Healing workshop participant~

When David was in his last weeks in the hospital - he would just beam when I asked him if he'd like Healing Touch….It seemed to help him find peace, to make the work of leaving his body easier for him. It seemed to bring him such great comfort especially near the end when he was getting more panicky about ‘not knowing how to die’. Somehow this gentle, non-invasive process seemed to bring such comfort to him.

~Allanna Wiebe~

I was reluctant to go to the grief support group, thinking it was too much time to take from my ‘busy and important schedule.’ It became the best part of my schedule and the most important thing for me to do. I looked forward to each session and the warm, comforting space filled with new found friends….”

~Marnie Buyck~

Thanks for offering this session it was informative, well presented, non- threatening and affirming. Oranges and cookies appreciated!”

~”Living with Loss” participant~

I really appreciated the format of the group – the personal connection at the beginning and the end. The time to work on our own process and at our own pace. As always I appreciate the warmth, caring support, nurturing and great food at Hospice. Thank you so much for all your services, your time and energy and your genuineness! Much appreciated.”

~Quiet Retreat Day participant~

I am so grateful to Hospice for being there to help me through the past year which involved two difficult pet losses.  The professional and empathetic guidance provided by Anne has accompanied me on my journey to find new meaning in my grief.  Hospice welcomed me when my heart and spirit were broken, and its warm atmosphere has become my safe haven.”

~Lynn Alfino, counselling client~

It was good to have my craziness validated - I can make my own ‘Tear Soup’ in my own time - because sometimes I do feel that some people do think ‘get over it’. “

~”Living with Loss” participant~

I appreciated the panel’s sharing of experience. It was powerful to hear how they support their employees and initiated ideas for growth. The idea to create a compassionate workplace is rejuvenating. The rituals were timely and I appreciated the opportunity for self-care."

~ Managers-Loss, Grief and Healing workshop participant~

These volunteers will have a special place in the spirit world for all their hard work here in the physical world.”

~Quiet Retreat Day participant~





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