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Tips for Self-Care

Take time for yourself No matter how busy, how needed, remember that an empty cup cannot fill other cups. Learn that it is OK to say no. That means putting yourself first, some time, every day. Just taking five minutes to close your eyes and focus on yourself can help you feel better.

Take care of your body A healthy body is good for a happy heart, and a healthy mind. That means, exercise every day, eat healthy, and get enough sleep.

Practice meditation and relaxation Such a simple, and powerful way to take care of your mental health. You can start with just a few minutes a day sitting quietly. Guided meditations or relaxing music can help.

Cultivate good friendships A few good friends can make all the difference in how you experience the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Practice gratitude Notice all that is given to you, even the small things, and say thanks.

Connect with nature Sometimes we forget to notice the world around us. Reconnecting with nature can help us feel more grounded and calm. Go for a walk, look at and feel the trees, really notice the sky, and breathe.

Engage your creativity You need not be an artist to be creative and play. Cooking, collages, painting, dancing, quilting, woodworking, programming, gardening… find what you love to do and celebrate it!

Enlist help from a guide Mentor, counsellor, Elder, spiritual teacher, life coach… find someone in whom you can trust, who can help you grow and be happy.

Don't take life too seriously Cut yourself and others some slack. Make room for your 'imperfections’. Relax, smile and remember laughter is the best medicine.

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