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Self-Care Quiz

Here’s a simple exercise to get you thinking about things you can do for self care. Rate yourself 0-3 to see how much you are doing now.

Never-0 Rarely-1 Sometimes-2 Often-3

Physical Self care

___ Eat regularly (breakfast, lunch & dinner & healthy snacks)

____Eat healthy foods

____Exercise regularly (30 minutes aerobic 3 X times per week)

____Preventative medical, dental & psychological care

____Medical care when needed

____Take time off work when ill

____Receive massages

____Dance, swim, walk, run and play sports, sing/other enjoyable


____Take time to be sexual

____Get enough sleep

____Wear clothes you like

____Take vacations

Maximum 36

Mental Self Care

____Engage in personal therapy to resolve past &

present traumatic stress

____Maintain non-anxious presence at work

____Maintain non-anxious presence at home

____Maintain self respect in work

____Maintain self respect in personal life

____Make time away from demands

____Write in a journal

____Read literature for pleasure

____Do something at which you are not an expert or in charge

____Let others know different aspects of you

____Be curious

____Say no to extra responsibilities

____Decrease stress in your life

Maximum 39

Emotional Self Care

____Connect with others whose company you enjoy

____Stay in contact with the people that matter in your life



____Play with animals

____Play with children

____Identify & seek comforting activities, people, relationships,


____Express anger in social action (letters to media, donations, gatherings)

Maximum 24

Spiritual Self Care

____Spend time in nature

____Find spiritual connection or community

____Cherish optimism and hope

____Be open to not knowing



____Spend time with children/pets

____Be open to inspiration

____Have gratitude


____Listen to music

____Engage in artistic activity


____Liturgical dance or other spiritual body movement

____Have experiences of awe

____Be mindful of what is happening in your body and around you

____Make meanings from the difficult periods of life

____Practice forgiveness & reconciliation

____Seek truth

Maximum 57


Workplace Self Care

____Take time to eat lunch away from desk/work space

____Take time to connect with co-workers

____Make quiet time to complete tasks

____Identify projects or tasks that are exciting/rewarding

____Set limits with clients and colleagues

____Balance your workload so that you are not overwhelmed

____Arrange your workspace so that is comfortable and


____Get regular supervision & consultation

____Negotiate for your needs (benefits, pay raise, mental health


____Have a peer support group or individual

Maximum 30

Total 186




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