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Ways to Comfort and Be Nice to Yourself

Pamper yourself Soak in a hot bath with Epsom salts, get a massage, ask someone for a hug, or just stand up and stretch.

Find some comfort Recognize when you need extra comforting. Call a friend, make yourself something warm to drink, wrap up in a blanket, hold a pillow or teddy bear, write in your journal, eat some comfort food, listen to music.

Transport yourself into another world Take a break from the realities of your world: curl up with a good book, movie, or magazine, or just let your mind drift where it wants to go.

Be playful or silly Being playful and silly helps us feel more lighthearted. Blow some soap bubbles, dance, watch the clouds and make up stories about them, throw confetti around, make cookies, blow a dandelion puff and wish on it, play with your dog, rollerblade down the sidewalk, swing on the swings.

Take a mental health day When you need to really take care of yourself and you're fed up with work, take a day off. Then do whatever your heart wants. Make the day all about things you want to do.

Do something you've been wanting to do for a long time Is there something you keep putting off for when you have more time, or a better time? Why not do it now?

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