Share a loved one’s clothing at Lights of Life

Do you own a special piece of clothing that once belonged to a loved one who died?  Perhaps Grandpa’s special vest, Grandma’s apron, dad’s old coat, mom’s dressing gown, or a favourite t-shirt that belonged to a sibling?  These are precious items that are so much more than clothes.

They hold memories of the person who once wore them – their familiar smell, and a powerful reminder of their habits and who they were. The clothing of our loved ones can remind us of their presence, as well as provide some comfort through the grief after they died.

Hospice is looking for submissions of these precious items to be part of a public display at Lights of Life this year. We will present clothing and stories that invite us to remember our loved ones and witness memories taking on new form.

Would you like to participate?  If so, please provide:

  • one article of clothing that belonged to your loved one. This article will be returned to you after the display.
  • a short piece of writing about the clothing. How does it remind you of them?  We invite you to reminisce and share about the item being displayed.

This project was inspired by an exhibit in Ontario entitled Collecting Loss—Weaving Threads of Memory.

If you would like more information about this project, please click here, and email

Hospice Teaches How to Heal through Loss

Hands-holding-candleNo one wants to talk about death and dying.  It can feel uncomfortable, difficult to broach, or too personal. But grief is a path that we all walk at some point in our lives, and accepting and learning about this normal part of life can actually lead to a greater sense of fulfillment.

This is the topic of a presentation offered by Hospice Yukon called Living with Loss – An Introduction to Healthy Grieving. 

The workshop explores the grief cycle that accompanies any kind of loss. We talk about the importance of ‘healthy’ grieving, and share tools that will help you support yourself and others to heal and grow through times of loss.

Every loss brings about its own unique challenges. For example, the death of a spouse is a major, life-changing loss that brings great sadness. It may also bring on other losses, such loss of financial security, loss of social contacts, loss of status or changing family roles. Navigating the complexity of loss is challenging, and a normal part of the grieving process.

There is no ‘right way’ to grieve; the ways we respond to loss are as unique as each of us. Grieving usually lasts far longer than our society recognizes and can include a wide range of emotions.

Living with Loss is a grief education session and not a grief support group – participants will not be asked to share any personal information. You may consider attending this workshop with a friend or family member… it is an excellent way to support others.


The following offerings of Living with Loss are available this Fall:

Thursday November 19, 6:30-8:30pm at the Whitehorse Public Library

Wednesday November 18, 1–3:30pm via web conferencing at Yukon College Campuses in Dawson City, Watson Lake, Teslin, Ross River, Haines Junction and Pelly Crossing

To register, or for more information please call Hospice Yukon at 667-7429. For a list of all Hospice Yukon coming events please visit