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Public Education

Grieving is one of our most difficult experiences. It is not easy but it is a natural response to loss and a normal part of life. Because of our discomfort with these difficult topics, conversations about dying and grieving are often avoided. People often feel unacknowledged and unsupported. And yet healthy individuals and communities can only exist if grief and healing are fully respected and supported.

In response to the growing need for open conversations and grief education Hospice Yukon has developed “Living with Loss: Introduction to Healthy Grieving”. We offer this two hour presentation, 4 times a year in Whitehorse. The resources offered in these sessions help people to understand the grieving journey. The grieving experience is normalized, enabling people to access their own inner resources and better support themselves and others. We also encourage people to reach out for a little extra support in those times when they feel the most vulnerable and unable to move forward.

Hospice Yukon is pleased to offer “Living with Loss” to Yukon communities outside of Whitehorse via video conferencing in partnership with the Northern Institute of Social Justice and Yukon College.

We also provide a “mini” version of “Living with Loss” to the participants in the Alcohol and Drug Services treatment programs.

If you have questions or wish to register please phone or email our office.

Professional Education

Yukon professionals are interested in learning more about healthy grieving for themselves and their clients. Hospice Yukon has developed educational presentations in response to the growing demand for this information. We offer training for Yukon College students in the health care professions and for health care professionals who are updating their qualifications and knowledge through government programs.

Creating a compassionate workplace where loss and grief are acknowledged and supported in a healthy way is critical to the well being of any organization. In large organizations there is always someone experiencing grief. How these people are supported in the workplace impacts everyone around them. Hospice Yukon would like to see it become mandatory for managers in government to attend grief awareness workshops.

Through the Northern Institute of Social Justice and Yukon College,

Hospice Yukon now offers two workshops for professionals: Loss, Grief and Healing in the Workplace for Managers - a one day workshop. And Loss, Grief and Healing in the Workplace for Frontline Workers - a two day workshop/retreat. Each of these workshops is offered once a year.

Hospice Yukon endeavours to keep our programming relevant by responding to the most essential needs presented by our clients, health care professionals/colleagues and the communities.


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