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Grief Groups

Hospice Yukon offers a variety of groups to meet the different needs of those who come to us for support. These groups are co-facilitated by staff and volunteers. We are continually revising and improving our services to meet the changing needs of Yukoners. Please check Coming Events for activities that may not be listed here.

There is no charge for our groups.


Walking Group

Sharing loss with others while walking is a healthy, active way to receive and give grief support. In sharing we come to realize that we are not alone in our grief. Knowing others are having similar experiences can make our burden feel lighter.

There is something deeply soothing in the simple, repetitive act of walking. We walk at our own pace in small groups of twos and threes. Some choose to say very little and simply benefit from the companionship.

The walks take place around the Millennium Trail in Whitehorse–a paved 5km loop that is suitable for all fitness levels.


Discussion Group

Discussion groups provide a safe, nurturing place to grieve, share stories and express feelings. Finding support and connection with others who are also experiencing loss is comforting and healing. Hospice staff and volunteers guide the groups and offer discussion topics that further facilitate an understanding of the grieving process and the healing journey.


A Day of Quiet Retreat

This retreat day honours our losses by giving them our time and attention. Often in our busy lives it seems we don’t have time to grieve.

The Day of Quiet Retreat invites you to join a small group in a safe, supportive space and work quietly on your own. You will have the opportunity to explore loss in a unique and creative way. Collage, painting, writing, and making memory boxes are some of the forms this can take. Focussing on the process rather than the end product, participants are surprised how much better they feel after expressing emotions in this non-verbal way.

We offer wholesome refreshments and the opportunity to spend the day in quiet reflection of loved ones who have passed on.



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