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Our counsellors have specialized training and an experienced understanding of your struggles with loss and grief. With compassion and sensitivity, they offer a deep respect for each individual’s uniqueness. Without judgement, they will listen to you and sometimes it is in the simple act of being heard that we find our greatest solace. They can assist you in identifying and meeting your needs and will provide resources to help you on this healing journey.


At Hospice Yukon we respect your confidentiality and honour all spiritual beliefs without imposing our own values.


We offer one-to-one and family or group support.



Grief support


Each loss is unique. Some will find counselling helpful immediately after a death has occurred. Others may seek support many years later when the time has come to heal unresolved losses. All are welcome.


Anticipatory grief support


When the death of a family member or friend is expected within a year, loss and grief become part of the journey for those that will be left behind. Talking about these difficult feelings can be a way to support yourself as you support your loved one who is dying.


Palliative support


If you are facing a life threatening illness and do not expect to live for more than a year, support can be so beneficial in helping you to live well right up until the end of your life.



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