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About our Programs and Services

Hospice Yukon is here to support you. Each experience with dying and grieving is unique. So our staff and volunteers offer a variety of programs that will speak to the different needs of our clients. These can be effective on their own, as well as complimentary to one another. For some, talking to a counsellor will be the most helpful. Others may find the quiet relaxation of Healing Touch serves them best. Many people use both. At Hospice we offer comfort and solace as well as practical and empowering tools for healing.

Education is one of these tools. Knowledge can heal. Our educational programs help individuals and their communities:

understand the grieving process,

learn how to support one another,

realize the importance of self care.

Our warm-hearted, caring Hospice volunteers are an integral part of our programs. They facilitate groups, offer Healing Touch, and sit bedside with the dying. In a culture that is not always sympathetic to the bereaved, our volunteers understand the importance of education. They help to make the presentations and workshops that we provide strong and effective vehicles for positive change.

We are continually revising and improving our services to meet the changing needs of Yukoners.



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