Nansi Cunningham

Dying with Dignity and Loving Intention By Nansi Cunningham  When you reach for a self-help book looking for insights into how to cope with death and dying, they often talk about how to live. The words within the covers of these books will remind you that death can come at any time to each one [...]

Tara McGuire
Child Loss

Child Loss By Tara McGuire If you are reading this it’s very likely that something terrible has happened.  Something you never imagined when you thought of your life’s path.  Something you could never have prepared for.  Chances are you are reeling.  Reeling with shock, guilt, confusion, anger and a deep immeasurable sadness that never seems [...]

Catherine O’Donovan

Saying Goodbye Before Hello By Catherine O’Donovan Four and a half years ago my husband and I were happily expecting our third child when, well into my third trimester I felt a kick so hard it brought tears to my eyes. A day passed before I realized I hadn’t felt any movement since that kick…I [...]

Susan Walton

My Brother Died By Susan Walton Just over a year ago my only sibling Brian died. He was my older brother by a year and eight days. I had never known life without him.  Brian died of a sudden heart attack. He was 53 years old.  One of the hardest things I’ve had to do [...]

Manon Desforges

A Journey By Manon Desforges In life, we travel many roads. Sometimes it is a straight path with a grand view of mountains in the distance.  Sometimes the road is twisty, bumpy and full of potholes. And sometimes there are detours, or the road is simply closed.   The day when you find out you are [...]

Katharine Sandiford

A funeral for a dog By Katharine Sandiford Wilbur was more than a pet. More than a best friend. More than just a handsome, athletic, intelligent, affectionate husky mutt. He was a part of me. I had spent nearly every moment with him in the ten years leading up to his tragic death. He was [...]

Anthony Carter

Lean Into It By Anthony Carter Leaning into it is a concept we have taken to heart at Hospice. It is such a helpful approach in places that hold great fear and discomfort for us, like the pain of grief or the fear of dying. This idea refers to moving toward the source of our [...]

Jill Murdoch

The Poncho Project By Jill Murdoch Years ago, on December 21st, my family lost an amazing, wonderful girl, Tamara, just 15 years old. It was unexpected, a hidden heart problem and in one very hard and horrible evening, this beautiful girl was taken from her life, her family, her friends, her guinea pig, her future. [...]

Philip Merchant

A Bed for James  By Philip Merchant Building things is one of the central aspects of who I am. I have built a wide variety of things from an oak baptismal font for a church to a tail wing for an airplane. But the most profoundly important has been a coffin for my son.  For [...]

Theo Forwell

Sage By Theo Forwell Who said a dog is man’s best friend? I would have to disagree. I had a cat named Sage. He was born in a barn in Kamloops and he was my best friend for 13 years. Sage was unique, his personality was like a dog: I’d call him and he would [...]