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Nous disposons d'une vaste collection de livres et d'autres ressources dans notre bibliothèque de prêt sur un large éventail de sujets relatifs à la vie, à la mort et au deuil. Nous avons des livres en français et en anglais sur des types spécifiques de perte et de deuil, les autosoins, la spiritualité, le soutien aux enfants et aux adolescents, le deuil traumatique, le deuil chez les hommes, le deuil d’un animal de compagnie, la poésie et bien d'autres encore.

Nous vous invitons à venir consulter nos livres et à prendre une tasse de thé pour voir quels livres peuvent vous être utiles. Vous pouvez également consulter le catalogue de notre bibliothèque.

60 Second ShiatzuShawEvaEnergy Therapies1000.12
8 Minute MeditiationDavichVictorMeditation134.38
9 Steps to Emotional FitnessRedmanWarrenEmotional Health120.101
9 Ways of WorkingGoldbergMichael JEmotional Health120.66
A Child's View of GriefWolfeltAlan D.Supporting a Child334.31
A Grief ObservedLewisC.S.Audio500.14
A Last GoodbyeKelseyElinLoss of a Pet490.15
A New EarthTolleEckhartSpiritual Health130.91
A Parent's Guide to Raising Grieving ChildrenSilverman and KellySupporting a Child334.24
A Passage Through GriefBaumgardnerBarbaraSupporting the Bereaved320.15
A Safe PlacePikeJenniferCancer212.34
A Time to GrieveStaudacherCarolMeditation134.30
A Widow's JourneyRoperGayleLoss of a Spouse440.12
A Year to LiveLevineStephenAudio600.71
Accepting Your Power To HealKriegerDoloresEnergy Therapies1000.01
Accompagner un jeune en deuilMassonJoseeFrench900.15
After GoodbyeMentenTedGeneral Bereavement300.56
After LifeWilcoxMerrie-EllenGrieving Teens340.09
After MiscarriageDanielsonKrissiPerinatal Loss410.34
After The Darkest HourThe Sun Will Shine AgainMehrenElizabethLoss of a Child420.04
After the Doctors...What Can You Do?GarnerRonPhysical Health110.17
Ageless BodyTimeless MindChopraDeepakPhysical Health110.02.B
All in the End is HarvestWhitakerAgnesStories and Poems510.05
All Kinds of LoveExperiencing HospiceJaffeCarolyn & EhrlichCarol H.La mort et le processus de la mort220.11
Alongside The Person In PainFordhamMorva & DunnVirginiaPhysical Health110.25
Always Looking UpFoxMichaelIllness210.04
Ambiguous LossBossPaulineGeneral Bereavement300.66.A
American Book of Living and DyingGrovesRichardLa mort et le processus de la mort220.36.B
An Empty Cradle A Full HeartLafserChristinePerinatal Loss410.31
An Open HeartLamaDalaiSpiritual Health130.74
Anam CaraO'DonohueSpiritual Health130.78
Anguish Of Loss/VisualFritschJulie & IlseSherokeeStories and Poems500.11
Anxiety and Phobia WorkbookBourneEdmund JEmotional Health120.20
Apprivoiser le deuil animalierPionLynneFrench900.14
Apprivoisier le deuil animalierPionLynneGeneral Bereavement900.14
Art Of CondolenceZuninLeonard M./ZuninHilary StantonSupporting the Bereaved320.05
Art of ForgivenessLovingkindnessand PeaceKornfieldJackMeditation134.35
Art of GriefRogersJ. EarlStaff/Volunteer Resource800.26
Art of LosingYoungKevinStories and Poems510.19
Art of RitualBeckRenee & MetrickSydney BarbaraRitual132.04
Art of Spiritual HealingSherwoodKeithEnergy Therapies1000.26
Artist's WayCameronJuliaJournaling Resources2000.03
Astonishing Color of AfterPanEmily X. R.Grieving Teens340.16
Astonishing Power of EmotionisHicksEsther & JerryEmotional Health120.83
At Home with Dying - A Zen Hospice ApproachCollettMerrillPalliative Care230.15
At Peace: Choosing a Good Death After a Long LifeHarringtonSamuelIllness210.09.A
At The Eleventh Hour - Caring for My Dying MotherStoneSusan CarolStories and Poems500.24
Attending the Dying: A Handbook of Practical GuidelinesAndersonMegoryPalliative Care230.20.B
AuguriesRobertsCleaStories and Poems510.08
Awake at the BedsideEllisonKoshin Paley & WeingastMattPalliative Care230.36
Awakening Compassion at WorkWorlineMonica C. & DuttonJane E.Workplace Grief480.02
Awakening Compassion/ 6 disc seriesChodronPemaAudio600.34
Awakening from GriefWelshonsJohn EGeneral Bereavement300.35.B
Baby Boomers Face GriefGalbraithJaneGeneral Bereavement300.57
Badger's Parting GiftsVarleySusanChildren's Books332.35
Bearing the UnbearableCacciatoreJoanneGeneral Bereavement300.74
BeautifulFowlerSusi GreggChildren's Books332.34
Beginner's Guide to the EndMillerBJ & BergerPalliative Care230.32
Beginnings: A Book For WidowsWylieBetty JaneLoss of a Spouse440.02.A
Being a Compassionate CompanionOstaseskiFrankAudio600.12
Being Human In The Face Of DeathRothDeborah & LevierEmilyPalliative Care230.09
Being MortalGawandeAtulPalliative Care230.29
Being with DyingHalifaxJoanAudio220.31.A
Beloved on the EarthPerlmanJim editedStories and Poems500.79
Bereaved Children and TeensGrollmanEarl A.Supporting a Child334.06
Bereavement: Counseling the Grieving throughout the Life CyleCrenshawDavid A.Supporting the Bereaved320.11
Between the MoonKaltenbachEvelynStories and Poems500.75
BeverlyRight HereDiCamilloKateGrieving Teens340.11
Blessing in DisguiseCohenAndrea JoyStories and Poems500.84
Blessings from the Other SideBrowneSylviaAfter Death136.36
Body ElectricBeckerRobert & SeldenGaryEnergy Therapies1000.04
Bonjour Madame le MortTeuladeP. & SarrazinJ-C.French900.22
Book of Alternative MedicineMayo ClinicPhysical Health110.28
Book of AwakeningNepoMarkMeditation134.22
Book of ChakrasWautersAmbikaEnergy Therapies1000.15
Book of JoyDalai Lama & TutuDesmondSpiritual Health130.88
Book of SecretsChopraDeepakSpiritual Health130.44
Book of the Vision QuestFosterStevenFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.08
Bouillon de poulet pour l'ame en deuilCanfieldJ. & HansenM.V.French900.13
Boundless EnergyChopraDeepakPhysical Health110.09
Braiding SweetgrassKimmererRobin WallFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.28
Brain RulesMedinaJohnPhysical Health110.33
BreakVermetteKatherenaFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.30
Breathing : The Master Key to Self HealingWeilAndrewAudio600.69
Bridge to TerabithiaPatersonKatherineChildren's Books332.67
Bright HourRiggsNinaPalliative Care230.34
Broken OpenLesserElizabethEmotional Health120.60.B
Buddha in RedfaceDuranEduardoFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.14.A
Buddha's BrainHansonRickEmotional Health120.93
Buddhism Plain and SimpleHagenSteveSpiritual Health130.46
Buddhism: The Religion of No ReligionWattsAlanSpiritual Health130.43
BurnoutNagoskiEmily & AmeliaEmotional Health120.100
Cancer A Threat to Your Life? Or a Chance to Take Control of YourLewisDr MonicaCancer212.25
Cancer JournalsLordeAudreCancer212.37
Cancer: 50 Essential Things to DoAndersonGregCancer212.23.B
Care for the Dying & the BereavedGentlesIanPalliative Care230.31
Care of the SoulMooreThomasSpiritual Health130.61
Caring for Loved Ones at Homevan BommelHarryIllness210.08.A
Caring For The Patient With CancerAmerican Cancer SocietyCancer212.03
Carry on CastleStultsJenniferStories and Poems510.14
Catching RainbowsHemeryL.M. & WhiteJ.Children's Books332.14
Centering Prayer and Inner AwakeningBourgeaultCynthiaMeditation134.23
C'est quoi la mort?PiquemalM. & BaasT.French900.33
Chakra TherapySherwoodKeithEnergy Therapies1000.27
Changed by a Child (disability)GillBarbaraSupporting a Child334.20
Chasing DaylightO'KellyEugeneStories and Poems500.70
Checkout Time is NoonEpsteinRobertStories and Poems500.86
Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy Survival GuideMcKayJudith & Nancee HiranoCancer212.21
Chicken Soup for the Mother's SoulCanfieldJackStories and Poems500.63
Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul 2Various authorsStories and Poems500.66
Children and GriefWordenJ. WilliamStaff/Volunteer Resource800.06
ChildrenTeens and Suicide LossAmerican Foundation for Suicide PreventionGrieving Teens342.03
Children's GriefPapenbrockPatricia & VossR.F.Supporting a Child334.02
Class In Room 44BlackburnLynn BennettChildren's Books332.12.A
Classic ScapbookingRosenbluthVeraLife Review232.08
Coma-Key To AwakeningMindellArnoldPhysical Health110.19
Coming to our SensesKabbat-ZinnJonMeditation134.19
Companion Through the DarknessEricssonStephanieLoss of a Spouse440.08
Companioning at a Time of Perinatal LossHeustisJanePerinatal Loss410.30
Companioning the BereavedWolfeltAlan D.Staff/Volunteer Resource320.14.A
Companioning the DyingYoderGregPalliative Care230.28
Companioning You!WolfeltAlan D.Emotional Health120.75
Compassionate Practical Guide To Being a WidowCaineLynnLoss of a Spouse440.04
Compassionate UniverseEaswaranEknathSpiritual Health130.68
Complete Book of Cancer PreventionPrevention Magazine Books EditorsCancer212.11
Conquer Pain the Natural WayChaitowLeonPhysical Pain110.24
Conquering the Mysteries and Lies of GriefRussellSherryGeneral Bereavement300.16
Conquest of MindEaswaranEknathSpiritual Health130.67
Conscious AgingRam DassAudio600.90
Continuing BondsKlassDennisStaff/Volunteer Resource800.09
Conversations at MidnightKramerHerbert & KayStories and Poems500.98
Coping Well: Positive Ways to Deal With Life Challenging DiseaseBattinoRubinPhysical Health110.21
Coping With Sudden Infant DeathDefrainJohnPerinatal Loss410.04
Coping with the Emotional Impact of CancerFioreNeilCancer212.29
Courage to GrieveTatelbaumJudyGeneral Bereavement300.18
Coyote MedicineMehl-MadronaLewisFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.09
Cracking the ArmourKaufmanMichaelMen's Grief450.08
Creating Meaningful Funeral CeremoniesWolfeltAlan D.Memorials222.03.A
Creating Meaningful Funeral ExperiencesWolfeltAlan D.Memorials222.08
Creating Moments of JoyBrackeyJoleneDementia216.02
Creating Right RelationshipsHover-KramerDorotheaEnergy Therapies1000.10
Creative Interventions for Bereaved ChildrenLowensteinLianaSupporting a Child334.21
Creative VisualizationGawainShaktiMeditation134.08
Cries from the HeartJoahannChristopher ArnoldStories and Poems500.40
Crossing OverEdwardJohnAfter Death136.19
Crossing the BridgeMetrickSydneyRitual132.05
Crossing the Owl's BridgeBatemanKimGeneral Bereavement300.65
CryHeartBut Never BreakRingtvedGlennChildren's Books332.49
Cultivating the Heart of CompassionRam DassAudio600.89
Customs & TraditonsCloutierKathyMemorials222.09
Dance of AngerLernerHarrietEmotional Health120.77
Dance of IntimacyLernerHarrietEmotional Health120.24
Dancing with a GhostRossRupertFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.11.A
Dancing With ElephantsSawatskyJaremDementia216.09
Dandelion through the CrackSatoKiyoStories and Poems510.12
Dandelions Blooming in the Cracks of SidewalksLhamoAmitaStories and Poems500.100
Daring to RestBrodyKarenPhysical Health110.31
Dead BirdRobinsonChristianChildren's Books332.61
Dead Moms ClubSpencerKateLoss of a Parent430.12
Dear LifeClarkeRachelStories and Poems510.20
Dear ParentsCentering CorporationLoss of a Child420.02
Death - The Final Stage of GrowthKubler-RossElisabethLa mort et le processus de la mort220.13
Death and the AdolescentBaxterGrant & StuartWendySupporting Teens342.01
Death Be Not Proud -A MemoirGuntherJohnStories and Poems500.29
Death is StupidHigginbothamAnastasiaChildren's Books332.77
Death Makes Life PossibleSchlitzMarilynLa mort et le processus de la mort220.40
Death of a HusbandLambinHelenLoss of a Spouse440.17
Death: A Personal Understanding Disc 1KasternbaumRobertVideo/DVD700.01.B
Death: A Personal Understanding Disc 2KasternbaumRobertVideo/DVD700.02.A
DeathingFoos-GraberAnyaLa mort et le processus de la mort220.34
Deconstruction Reconstruction A Grief JournalDougy CenterGrieving Teens340.15
Defy GravityMyssCarolineSpiritual Health130.73
Depression BookHuberCheriEmotional Health120.59.B
Des souvenirs pour la vieJacquesJoseeFrench900.34
Destiny of SoulsNewtonMichaelAfter Death136.22.A
Deuil: la boite a outilsJacquesJoseeFrench900.18
Deuils perinatauxdoulerus secretesde BoisredonFlorence d'AssierFrench900.12
Devenir proche aidantKergoatM-J; LatourJ &ThornK.French900.19
Dialogue with DeathEaswaranEknathSpiritual Health130.15
Diamond in Your PocketGangajiSpiritual Health130.38
Disenfranchised GriefDokaKennethStaff/Volunteer Resource800.13
Dissolving PainFehmiLesAudio600.03
Diving Bell and the ButterflyVideo/DVD700.40
Diving Bell and the ButterflyBaubyJean-DominiqueStories and Poems500.46
Dog Gone AddictionBristowBeckyVideo/DVD700.21.A
Dog SongsOliverMaryStories and Poems502
Don't DieMy LoveMcDanielLurleneStories and Poems500.35.A
Don't Take my Grief AwayManningDougGeneral Bereavement300.59
Dreamhealer2AdamPhysical Health110.27
Dreaming Beyond DeathBulkeleyKelly & PatriciaLa mort et le processus de la mort220.26.B
Dying DignifiedRuarkJohnStaff/Volunteer Resource800.17
Dying WellByockIraLa mort et le processus de la mort220.29
Dying: A MemoirTaylorCoryStories and Poems510.07.A
Eastern Body Western MindAnodeaJudithEnergy Therapies1000.20
Education of Little TreeCarterForrestStories and Poems500.68.A
EmbersWagameseRichardFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.17.A
Embraced by the LightEadieBetty J.After Death136.12.C
Embracing Life After LossKleinAllenGeneral Bereavement300.83
Emotional IntelligenceGolemanDanielEmotional Health120.42
Empty ArmsIlseSherokeePerinatal Loss410.16.B
Empty CradleBroken HeartDavisDeborahPerinatal Loss410.01.B
Empty RoomDevita-RaeburnElizabethLoss of a Sibling435.03
Encounters with GriefCanadian Learning CoVideo/DVD - (STAFF)700.04.A
End of Life AdvisorDolan Susan R. & Vizzard Audrey R.Palliative Care230.30
Ended Beginnings: Healing Childbearing LossesPanuthosClaudia & RomeoCatherinePerinatal Loss410.15.A
Ended Beginnings: Healing Childbearing LossesPanuthosClaudia & RomeoCatherinePerinatal Loss410.15
Energetic PatternsScandrett-HibdonS. & HardyC. & MentgenJ.Energy Therapies1000.07
Enter MourningMenziesHeatherDementia216.04
Essential EnneagramDanielsDavid & PriceVirginiaEmotional Health120.69
Essential Tibetan BuddhismThurmanRobertSpiritual Health130.51
Essentials in Hospice Palliative CareMurrayKatherinePalliative Care230.21.B
Essesntial ReikiSteinDianeEnergy Therapies1000.18
Et Le Lapin M'a EcouteDoerrfeldCoriGeneral Bereavement900.11
Ethics of TouchBenjaminBen E. & Sohnen-MoeCherieEnergy Therapies1000.09
Everyday MeditatorOshoMeditation134.14
Everything is EnergyMcConvilleTimChildren's Books332.75
Excusez-moiJe Suis En DeuilMonbourquetteJ & DaspremontIFrench900.01
Expecting SunshineChuteAlexis MariePerinatal Loss410.35
Experiences Near DeathKellehearAllanAfter Death136.28
Exploring the LabyrinthWestMelissaRitual132.12
Facing a Death in the FamilyKerrMargaret & KurtzJoannIllness210.11
Facing Death and Finding HopeLongakerChristineSpiritual Health130.16.C
Faithful GardenerPinkola EstesClarissaAudio600.65
Fall of Freddie the LeafBuscagliaLeoChildren's Books332.05.C
Falling into GraceAdyashantiSpiritual Health130.72
Farther ShoreKasonYvonne M.D.After Death136.10
Father's DaughtersMurdockMaureenLoss of a Parent430.06
Fault In Our StarsGreenJohnStories and Poems510.21
Fear and Other Uninvited GuestsLernerHarrietEmotional Health120.51
Fear BookHuberCheriEmotional Health120.55.A
Feeling of What HappensDamasioAntonioEmotional Health120.37
Final GiftsCallananMaggie and KelleyPatriciaLa mort et le processus de la mort220.10.A
Finding MeaningKesslerDavidGeneral Bereavement300.80
Finding Your Own North StarBeckMarthaEmotional Health120.85
Finding Your Own Way to GrieveHelbertKarlaGrieving Teens340.13
Finding Your Way After Your Spouse DiesFelberMartaLoss of a Spouse440.15
Finding Your Way Through CancerKneirAndrewCancer212.28
Fire in the SoulBorysenkoJoanSpiritual Health130.06
Five InvitationsOstaseskiFrankEmotional Health120.88
Five People You Meet in HeavenAlbomMitchStories and Poems500.45
Five Ways We GrieveBergerSusanGeneral Bereavement300.53
Flowers For The Ones You've KnownTraismanEnid Samuel & SieffJanetGrieving Teens340.01
For Those Who LiveLatourKathySupporting a Child334.08.A
Forbidden GriefBurkeTeresa & ReardonDavid C.Perinatal Loss410.36
Four AgreementsRuizDon MiguelEmotional Health120.30.C
Four Things That Matter MostByockIraEmotional Health120.02
Free yourself from Chronic PainIsonDavidAudio600.84
From Age-ing to Sage-ingSchachter-ShalomiZalmanEmotional Health120.73
From Beginning to End the Rituals of Our LivesFulghumRobertRitual132.06
From Fear to FearlessnessChodronPemaAudio600.18
From Heartbreak to WholenessCarlsonKristineGeneral Bereavement300.79
From Here to EternityDoughtyCaitlinLa mort et le processus de la mort220.41
Full Catastrophe LivingKabat-ZinnJonSpiritual Health130.19
Funerals without GodWynne WilsonJaneMemorials222.02
Funerals: An information guideAlberta Funeral AssociationMemorials222.01
Gaining Traction: Starting Over After the Death of a SpousePanagotacosVickiLoss of a Spouse440.09
Garden of our SoulsSimaDiane & FletcherMarlaStories and Poems510.18
Gates to Buddhist PracticeTulkuChagdadSpiritual Health130.57
Gentle ClosingsMentenTedLa mort et le processus de la mort220.39
George Anderson's Lessons from the LightAndersonGeorge & BaroneAndrewAfter Death136.17.A
Getting UnstuckChodronPemaAudio600.15
Gift of GriefMitchellBarbaraGeneral Bereavement300.43
Gift of StoryPinkola Estes. ClarissaAudio600.66
Gifts of ImperfectionBrownBreneEmotional Health120.90
GileadRobinsonMarilynneStories and Poems500.69
Glad No Matter WhatSarkGeneral Bereavement300.51.A
God's Hotel: A Doctora Hospitaland a Pilgrimmage...SweetVictoriaStories and Poems510.11
Good Enough LifeGaboriSusanLa mort et le processus de la mort220.15
Good GriefShearonMarkMemorials222.07
Good GriefWestbergGranger E.General Bereavement300.21
Good Grief RitualsChilds-GowellElaineMemorials222.04
Good MedicineChodronPemaAudio600.22
Goodbye BookParrToddChildren's Books332.72
Goodbye Dear Friend: Coming to Terms with the Death of a PetIronsideVirginiaLoss of a Pet490.01.B
Grace and GritWilberKenStories and Poems500.97
Grace Disguised - How the Soul Grows Through LossSittserJerryStories and Poems500.42
Graceful Exits - How Great Beings DieBlackmanSushilaLa mort et le processus de la mort220.19
Graceful FarewellWatsonMaggieLa mort et le processus de la mort220.30
Graceful Passages - The Messages/ The MusicMalkinGaryAudio600.44
Grief 2 GrowthSmithBrian D.General Bereavement300.82
Grief and Loss in the WorkplaceHope for the Bereaved IncVideo/DVD - (STAFF)700.10.
Grief Counseling and Grief TherapyWordenJ. WilliamStaff/Volunteer Resource800.20
Grief ExpressedFelberMartaLoss of a Spouse440.10
Grief in ChildrenDyregrowAtleSupporting a Child334.23
Grief is the Thing with FeathersPorterMaxStories and Poems510.17
Grief One Day at a TimeWolfeltAlan D.Meditation134.37
Grief Recovery for TeensPopowitzCoralGrieving Teens340.10
Grief Recovery HandbookJamesJohn W. & FriedmanRussellEmotional Health120.95.A
Grief TherapyKatafiaszKarenGeneral Bereavement300.48
Grief WorksSamuelJuliaGeneral Bereavement300.71
GriefDyingand DeathRandoThereseStaff/Volunteer Resource800.05
GriefPrice of LoveBrinkmannSvendGeneral Bereavement300.86
Grieving at ChristmastimeDanielsDwightGeneral Bereavement300.36
Grieving BrainO'ConnorMary-FrancesSupporting the Bereaved320.17
Grieving ChildFitzgeraldHelenSupporting a Child334.04.B
Grieving DadsFarleyKelly & DicolaDavidMen's Grief450.11
Grieving IndianH.ArthurFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.01.A
Grieving MindfullyKumarSameet M.Meditation134.39
Grieving StudentSchonfeldDavid J. & QuakenbushMarciaSupporting a Child334.22
Grieving: How To Go On Living When Someone You Love DiesRandoThereseGeneral Bereavement300.63
Grist for the MillDassRamSpiritual Health130.50
Guardians of BeingTolleEckhartLoss of a Pet490.04.A
Guide to Understanding Guilt During BereavementBaugherBobEmotional Health120.26.H
Guided Imagery: Creative InterventionsHallEricStaff/Volunteer Resource800.10
Guided MeditationsOrloffJudithAudio600.05
Guided MeditationsExplorations and HealingsLevineStephenMeditation134.03
Guided Mindfulness Meditation Disc 1-6Kabat- ZinnJonAudio600.24
Guided RelaxationHowellKellyAudio600.61
Guidelines for Organizing and Facilitating a Learning CircleOpen Learning AgencyStaff/Volunteer Resource800.03
H is for HawkMacDonaldHelenStories and Poems510.01
Handbook for MortalsLynnJoanne & HarroldJoan & SchusterJaniceIllness210.03
Hands of LightBrennanBarbaraEnergy Therapies1000.19
Hannah's GiftHousdenMariaStories and Poems500.03
Headache ReliefRossmanMartinAudio600.64
Heal Thy SelfSantorelliSakiPhysical Health110.32
Healer's ManualAndrewsTedEnergy Therapies1000.24
Healing a Child's Grieving HeartWolfeltAlan D.Grieving Children334.14.A
Healing a Father's GriefSchatzWilliam H.Men's Grief450.03.A
Healing a Parent's Grieving HeartWolfeltAlan D.Loss of a Child420.08.G
Healing a Spouse's Grieving HeartWolfeltAlan D.Loss of a Spouse440.05
Healing a Teen's Grieving HeartWolfeltAlan D.Supporting Teens342.02.B
Healing From the HeartGrahamRochelle & LittFlora & IrwinWayneEnergy Therapies1000.22
Healing GriefVan PraaghJamesGeneral Bereavement300.37
Healing Grief: Reclaiming Life After any LossVan PraaghAfter Death136.24
Healing Grieving Heart...AlzheimersWolfeltAlan D. & DuvallKirby J.Dementia216.01.C
Healing Into Life and DeathLevineStephenSpiritual Health130.03.A
Healing PainLeickN & Davidsen-NielsenMGeneral Bereavement300.58
Healing PowerDoctorsLeahEnergy Therapies1000.21
Healing Power of MindThondupTulkuMeditation134.24
Healing PresenceGuthrieRossAudio600.04
Healing Sorrow Workbook: Rituals for Transforming Grief and LossMayoPeg ElliottRitual132.02
Healing the Adult Child's Greiving HeartWolfeltAlan D.Loss of a Parent430.05.C
Healing the Adult Child's Grieving HeartWolfeltAlan D.Loss of a Parent430.05.J
Healing the Adult Sibling's Grieving HeartWolfeltAlan D.Loss of a Sibling435.02.F
Healing the Soul WoundDuranEduardoFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.12
Healing Through the Dark EmotionsGreenspanMiriamGeneral Bereavement300.44
Healing Together: For Couples Whose Baby DiesListerMarcie & Sandra LovellPerinatal Loss410.27
Healing Touch: A Guide Book for PractitionersHover-KramerDorotheaEnergy Therapies1000.23
Healing TraumaLevinePeter A.Audio120.68
Healing WordsDosseyLarrySpiritual Health130.63
Healing Your Chronic Illness GriefWolfeltAlan & WolfeltJaimieIllness210.10
Healing Your Grieving Heart After a Cancer DiagnosisWolfeltAlan & DuvallKirbyCancer212.36
Healing Your Grieving Heart After MiscarriageWolfeltAlan D.Perinatal Loss410.32
Healing Your Grieving Heart after StillbirthWolfeltAlan D.Perinatal Loss410.33
Healing Your Grieving Heart For KidsWolfeltAlan D.Grieving Children330.06
Healing Your Grieving Heart for TeensWolfeltAlan D.Grieving Teens340.06
Healing Your Traumatized HeartWolfeltAlan D.Suicide472.14.B
Healthful SleepNaparstekBelleruthAudio600.82
Heart and the BottleJeffersOliverChildren's Books332.53
Heart Does BreakBoweringGeorge & BairdJeanStories and Poems500.80
Heart in YouNienaberJeannette M.Energy Therapies1000.25
Heart of GoldAttigThomasGeneral Bereavement300.54
Heart of GriefAttigThomasGeneral Bereavement300.84
Heart Of HospiceLeyDorothy C.H. & LevierEmilyPalliative Care230.08
Heart's CodePearsallPaulEmotional Health120.14.A
Heaven of AnimalsTillmanNancyLoss of a Pet490.14
Helper's JourneyLarsonDale G.Supporting the Bereaved320.09
Helpful InformationBritish Columbia Funeral AssociationMemorials222.10
Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Loved OneKroenWilliamSupporting a Child334.18
Helping People through GriefKuenningDeloresSupporting the Bereaved320.10
Helping the Grieving Student: A Guide for TeachersDougy CenterSupporting a Child334.11
Here and NowDenosJulia & GoodaleE.B.Children's Books332.65
Hidden LossHey / Itzin / Sauders / SpeakmanPerinatal Loss410.07
Holding SpaceGlennAmy WrightLa mort et le processus de la mort220.44
HopeThe Alzheimer's ProjectVideo/DVD700.23
How Animals GrieveBarbara J. KingLoss of a Pet490.11
How Can I Help?DassRamSupporting the Bereaved320.12
How It Feels When A Parent DiesKrementzJillStories and Poems500.09
How People With Autism Grieveand How to HelpLipskyDeborahGeneral Bereavement300.88
How to Carry What Can't be FixedDevineMeganJournaling Resources2000.02
How to DieSenecaLa mort et le processus de la mort220.43
How to Go on Living When Someone You Love DiesRandoThereseGeneral Bereavement300.23
How to Know GodChopraDeepakSpiritual Health130.49
How to Survive the Loss of a LoveColgroveMelba & BloomfieldHarold & McWilliamsGeneral Bereavement300.26.B
How to Survive the Loss of a ParentAknerLoisLoss of a Parent430.09
How We DieNulandSherwin B.La mort et le processus de la mort220.07.A
How We GrieveAttigThomasGeneral Bereavement300.85
I Can't Stop CryingMartinJohn D.General Bereavement300.15.D
I Dont Know What to SayBuckmanRobertPalliative Care230.27
I Don't Know What To SayBuckmanRobertPalliative Care230.27.A
I Found a Dead BirdThornhillJanChildren's Books332.63
I Have a Question About DeathGainesArlen Grad & PolskyMeredith EnglanderChildren's Books332.71
I Heard Your Mommy DiedScrivaniMarkChildren's Books332.16
I Know I Made It HappenBlackburnLynn BennettChildren's Books332.15
I Know Just How You FeelLinnErinSupporting the Bereaved320.02
I Miss My PetThomasPatChildren's Books332.78
I Miss YouThomasPatChildren's Books332.37.A
I Want To Go To BoiseBombeckErmaStories and Poems500.07.A
I wasn't Ready to Say GoodbyeNoelBrook & BlairPamela D.General Bereavement300.81
I Will Not Die an Unlived LifeMarkovaDawnaSpiritual Health130.83
If You Do Love Old MenOwensVirginia StemStories and Poems500.58
I'll Always Love YouWilhelmHansChildren's Books332.73
I'll See You AgainHanceJackieStories and Poems510.16
Illness as Metaphor and AIDS and Its MetaphorsSontagSusanPhysical Health110.18
Illuminating the AfterlifeDaleCyndiAfter Death136.31
I'm Grieving As Fast As I CanFeinbergLindaLoss of a Spouse440.07
In Search Of BalanceRobbinsJ. & MortifeeA.Spiritual Health130.04
In Sickness And In HealthGrollmanEarlIllness210.06
In the Realm of Hungry GhostsMateGaborPhysical Health110.22
In the Slender MarginJosephEveStories and Poems500.96
Indian HorseWagameseRichardFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.16
Indigenous Healing: Exploring Traditional PathsRossRupertFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.15.B
Inner WisdomHayLouise L.Meditation134.36
Instinct to HealServan-SchreiberDavidPhysical Health110.29
Integrative Cancer CareMcLeodAdamCancer212.35
Intimate Deathde HennezelMarieLa mort et le processus de la mort220.32
Invisible LeashPatrice KarstLoss of a Pet490.12
Invisible StringKarstPatriceChildren's Books332.56
InvitationMountain DreamerOriahStories and Poems500.50
Iron JohnBlyRobertMen's Grief450.07
It All Begins With HopeJevneRonnaLa mort et le processus de la mort220.35
It's OK That You're Not OKDevineMeganGeneral Bereavement300.69.C
It's Okay to LaughMcInernyNoraLoss of a Spouse440.18
Jasper's DayParkerMarjorieLoss of a Pet490.05
Journal de DeuilGrollmanEarl A.French900.06
Journal of Palliative Care2001Palliative Care FoundationPalliative Care230.04
Journey of Awakening: A meditator's guidebookDassRamMeditation134.02
Journey of SoulsNewtonMichaelAfter Death136.21.C
Journey Through GriefBozarthAlla ReneeGeneral Bereavement300.02
Joy of ReflexologyGillandersAnnEnergy Therapies1000.13
Joy of RitualBiziouBarbaraRitual132.08
Joy's WayJoyW. BrughEnergy Therapies1000.03
Just One Little ThingBuckleyKellyLoss of a Child420.10
Keeper'N MeWagameseRichardFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.18
Keeping Family Stories AliveRosenbluthVeraLife Review232.01
Kitchen Table WisdomRemenRachel NaomiStories and Poems500.55.C
Knocking on Heaven's DoorButlerKatyLa mort et le processus de la mort220.37
La decouverte de Petit-BondVelthuijsMaxFrench900.25
La derniere promenadeMeneyFlorenceFrench900.17
La grande tricoteuseGrimaudA. & ArbonaM.French900.26
La Mort - Derniere Etape De La CroissanceKubler-RossElisabethGeneral Bereavement300.03
LabyrinthsWestburyVirginiaSpiritual Health130.26
L'Accompagnement Au Soir De La VieGauvinAndree & RegnierRogerPalliative Care230.06
Language of the HeartPogueCarolynLa mort et le processus de la mort220.28
Last LecturePauschRandyLife Review232.10
Last WordCooperJuliaMemorials222.11
Le deuil au fil des saisonsArchambaultVivianeFrench900.11
Le deuil de mon animal de compagneLavergneA. & DumontY.French900.31
Leaning Into Sharp PointsGoldbergStanEmotional Health120.76
Learning to FallSimmonsPhilipSpiritual Health130.20
Learning to Say Good-byLeShanEdaSupporting a Child334.10
Left BehindMuraliNandiniSuicide472.19
Les mots pour le dire le deuil et l'enfantJolicoeurFrench900.29
Les Reves envolesFrechette-PiperniSuzyFrench900.09
Lesser BlessedVan CampRichardFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.22
Lessons for the LivingGoldbergStanPalliative Care230.24
Lessons from the LightRingKennethAfter Death136.18
Let Go of Pain and AnxietyIsonDavidAudio600.85
Let's Take the Long Way HomeCaldwellGailStories and Poems500.82
Let's Talk About Death Over DinnerHebbMichaelLa mort et le processus de la mort220.42
Letters to StephenTaylorJamesMen's Grief450.05
Letting Go With Love - The Grieving ProcessO'ConnorNancyGeneral Bereavement300.04.A
LGBTQ-inclusive Hospice and Palliative CareAcquavivaKimberlyPalliative Care230.33
Liberating Practice of Insight MeditationRosenbergLarryMeditation134.11
Life After DeathChopraDeepakAfter Death136.32
Life After GriefRosauerJanetStories and Poems500.37
Life after LossDeitsBobGeneral Bereavement300.45
Life After TraumaRosenbloomDenaEmotional Health120.43
Life Goes OnBoulangerGailGeneral Bereavement300.42
Life in the BalanceShapiroMarlaStories and Poems500.71
Life is Goodbye Life is HelloBozarth-CampbellAllaGeneral Bereavement300.61.A
Life LessonsKubler-RossElisabeth & KesslerDavidLa mort et le processus de la mort220.46
Life on the Other SideBrowneSylviaAfter Death136.37
Life Review in Health and Social CareGarlandJeff & ChristinaLife Review232.07
Life Stages and Native WomenAndersonKimFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.27
Life's Last GiftGarfieldCharlesPalliative Care230.35
LifetimesMellonieB & IngpenRChildren's Books332.07.Q
Light BeyondMoodyRaymondAfter Death136.04.B
Liplap's WishLondonJonathan & LongSylviaChildren's Books332.64
ListenerCaldwellTaylorStories and Poems500.33
Little Book of MindfulnessCollardPatriziaMeditation134.40
Living BeautifullyChodronPemaSpiritual Health130.81
Living from Your CenterVanzantIyanlaAudio600.43
Living Through Personal CrisisKaiser StearnsAnnGeneral Bereavement300.34
Living When a Loved One has DiedGrollmanEarl A.General Bereavement300.25
Living When a Young Friend Commits SuicideGrollmanEarlSuicide472.09
Living With Death and DyingKubler-RossElisabethPalliative Care230.02
Living with LossHealing with HopeGrollmanEarlGeneral Bereavement300.38
Living Your DyingKelemanStanleyLa mort et le processus de la mort220.47
Living/DyingRussellCeilidh E.Supporting a Child334.29
Long GoodbyeO'RourkeMeghanStories and Poems500.94
Lorsque grossesse devient tristessePinetNadiaFrench900.08
Losing a BabyYarwoodAnnePerinatal Loss410.28
Losing a ParentMarshallFionaLoss of a Parent430.04
Loss and Anticipatory GriefRandoThereseStaff/Volunteer Resource800.16
Loss: Sadness and DepressionBowlbyJohnStaff/Volunteer Resource800.21
Lost Art of HealingLownBernardPhysical Health110.14
Lost Art of ListeningNicholsMichael P.Supporting the Bereaved320.06.C
Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of DepressionHariJohannEmotional Health120.92
Love and SurvivalOrnishDeanEmotional Health120.41
Love Beyond LifeMartinJoel & RomanowskiPatriciaAfter Death136.11.B
Love is Stronger Than DeathBourgeaultCynthiaStories and Poems500.93
Love That DogCreechSharonLoss of a Pet490.16
Love ThyselfEmotoMasaruEnergy Therapies1000.08
LoveMedicine & MiraclesSiegelBernieEmotional Health120.45.B
LoveMedicine& MiraclesSiegelBernieEmotional Health120.45.A
Loving - KindnessSalzbergSharonMeditation134.32
Luminous EssenceSantosDanielEnergy Therapies1000.28
L'un Sans L'autreBacqueMarieFrench900.02
Making Loving MemoriesA Centering Corporation ResourcePerinatal Loss410.13.A
Man's Search for MeaningFranklVictorSpiritual Health130.56
Many LivesMany MastersWeissBrianStories and Poems500.52
Marley & MeGroganJohnLoss of a Pet490.13
Marriage InterruptedDeboltDebraLoss of a Spouse440.11
Marrow ThievesDimalineCherieFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.21
Meanderings of the SoulKaltenbachEvelynStories and Poems500.103
Medical Care of the DyingVictoria Hospice SocietyStaff/Volunteer Resource800.14
Meditation for BeginnersKornfieldJackMeditation134.34
Meditation for the love of itSallyKemptonMeditation134.31
Meditation HandbookGyatsoGesheMeditation134.10
Meditation Made EasyRocheLorinMeditation134.16.A
Meditation Secrets for WomenMaurineC. & RocheL.Meditation134.18
Meditation: Path to the Deepest SelfLevinMichalMeditation134.13
Meditations to Heal Your LifeHayLouise L.Meditation134.29
Meetings At The EdgeLevineStephenSpiritual Health130.12.A
Memoirs of the SoulPhiferNanLife After Death232.03
Memory BoxRowlandJoannaChildren's Books332.57
Memory TreeTeckentrupBrittaChildren's Books332.50.A
Merle's DoorKerasoteTedStories and Poems500.91
Mieux comprendre la mortSandersP. & MyersS.French900.32
Mind in Comfort and EaseDalai LamaSpiritual Health130.64
Mindfulness-Based Cancer RecoveryCarlsonLinda & SpecaMichaelCancer212.27
Miscarriage (A Book For Parents)Centering CorporationPerinatal Loss410.25.D
Miscarriage: A Shattered DreamIlseS. & BurnsL.H.Perinatal Loss410.08
Missing MayRylantCynthiaStories and Poems500.47
Modern Loss: Candid Conversation about GriefSofferRebecca & BirknerGabrielleGeneral Bereavement300.68
Molly's RosebushCohnJaniceChildren's Books332.54
Monkey BeachRobinsonEdenFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.26
Most Important PictureCentering CorporationPerinatal Loss410.02
Mother Earth Sprituality: Native American Paths to HealingMcGaaEdFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.04.B
Motherless DaughtersEdelmanHopeLoss of a Parent430.01.A
Mourner's KaddishClarkeJamesSuicide472.11
Mourning HandbookFitzgeraldHelenGeneral Bereavement300.14.B
Mourning has BrokenKovenMara & PearlLizStories and Poems500.60
Moving Forward on Your OwnRehlKathleenLoss of a Spouse440.14
My Father's Wake: How the Irish Teach Us to LiveLoveand DieToolisKevinGeneral Bereavement300.70
My Grammie is a StarHoltDarleneChildren's Books332.33.A
My Grandfather's BlessingsRemenRachel NaomiStories and Poems500.25.B
My Helpful Healing TouchDaughtryKaren & NelsonDarleneChildren's Books332.76
My Life and TimesMortonSunnyLife Review232.09
Native American Postcolonial PsychologyDuranEduardo and BonnieFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.13
Needs of the DyingKesslerDavidPalliative Care230.18
Never the Same: Coming to Terms with the Death of a ParentSchuurmanDonnaSupporting a Child334.26
Never Too Old for a LullabyWhiteJuanitaLoss of a Child420.01
Newborn DeathA Centering Corporation ResourcePerinatal Loss410.12.A
Next PlaceHansonWarrenChildren's Books332.31.A
No DeathNo FearHanhThich NhatSpiritual Health130.37
No Happy EndingsMcInernyNoraStories and Poems510.15
No One Saw My PainSlabyAndrew & GarfinkelLiliSuicide472.05
No Time to Say GoodbyeFineCarlaSuicide472.10.A
Nobody's PerfectHessellJennyChildren's Books332.11
North End Love SongsVermetteKatharenaFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.31
Not One of These Poems is About YouHarrisonTevaStories and Poems510.13
Occupational Stress in the Care of the Critically Ill..VachonMaryStaff/Volunteer Resource800.19
Of Wheels & WingsWhiteJohn WesleyStories and Poems500.56
On Children and DeathKubler-RossElisabethSupporting a Child334.32
On Death And DyingKubler-RossElisabethPalliative Care230.03.B
On Grief and GrievingKubler-RossElisabethGeneral Bereavement300.62
On Life After DeathKubler-RossElisabethLa mort et le processus de la mort220.20
On the Brink of EverythingPalmerParkerEmotional Health120.91
On The Wings of a ButterflyMapleMarilynChildren's Books332.21
Once A WizardWiebeCurtis L.Children's Books332.70
One Breath at a TimeGriffinKevinEmotional Health120.89
One Good StoryThat OneKingThomasFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.23
One Last TimeEdwardJohnAfter Death136.20
One Native LifeWagameseRichardFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.19
One Wave at a TimeThompsonHollyChildren's Books332.69
Open HeartOpen MindTsoknyi RinpocheSpiritual Health130.79
Opening the InvitationDreamerOriah MountainStories and Poems500.101
Option B: Facing AdversityBuilding Resilienceand Finding JoySandbergSheryl & GrantAdamGeneral Bereavement300.64
Orphaned AdultLevyAlexanderLoss of a Parent430.11
Our Tree Named SteveZweibelAlanStaff/Volunteer Resource800.23
P.S. I Love You More Than TunaChaunceySarah & TremblayFrancisChildren's Books332.68
Pace of GracePopovLindaEmotional Health120.47
Pagan Book of Living and DyingStarhawkSpiritual Health130.52
Pain ReliefCanadian Cancer SocietyCancer212.01.C
Parental Loss of a ChildRandoThereseLoss of a Child420.11
Parenting Through CrisisColorosoBarbaraSupporting a Child334.12
Parents orphelinsNanteuilSophieFrench900.20
Path of ServiceRam DassAudio600.88
Path to LoveChopraDeepakSpiritual Health130.48
Path with HeartKornfieldJackSpiritual Health130.36
Peace Begins With MeKuntzTedStories and Poems500.65
Peace is Every StepHanhThich NhatSpiritual Health130.27.A
PeaceLoveand HealingSiegelBernieEmotional Health120.38
Pet Loss CompanionVecchioKen Dolan-Del & Saxton-LopezNancyLoss of a Pet490.09
Phoenix RisingHesseKarenStories and Poems500.48
Phone Booth in Mr. Hirota's GardenSmithHeather & WadaRachelChildren's Books332.66
Pioneers of Hospice: Changing the Face of DyingMadison-Deane InitiativeVideo/DVD - (STAFF)700.09.A
Places that Scare YouChodronPemaSpiritual Health130.25
Planning The Funeral LiturgyLueberingCarolMemorials222
Playing With the AngelsGeorgeK. JaneGrieving Children330.07
Power of NowTolleEckhartSpiritual Health130.34
Power to Prevent SuicideNelsonRichard & GalasJudithSuicide472.06
Practical Guide to Buddhist MeditationParamanandaMeditation134.12
Practicing Peace in Times of War/ 2 disc seriesChodronPemaWorkplace Grief600.36
Prayers of Honoring GriefLighthorsePixieRitual132.16.A
Precious Lives/Painful ChoicesIlseSherokeePerinatal Loss410.20
Preparing for SurgeryRossmanMartinAudio600.62
Present PerfectSomovPavelMeditation134.33
PriceJoanSex After GriefLoss of a Spouse440.20
Proof of HeavenAlexanderEbenAfter Death136.35
Psychosomatic WellnessPertCandaceAudio600.47
Pure MeditationChodronPemaAudio600.20
Quantum HealingChopraDeepakIllness110.01
Quel Age Aurait-il Aujourd'hui?ClergetStephaneFrench900.10
Quest: Life of Elisabeth Kubler-RossGillDerekStories and Poems500.51
Questions And Answers On Death And DyingKubler-RossElisabethGeneral Bereavement300.05
Quilt for ElizabethTiffaultBenette W.Children's Books332.17.A
Radical Acts of LoveBrownJanieLa mort et le processus de la mort220.45
Rebuilding When Your Relationship EndsFisherBruce & AlbertiRobertEmotional Health120.70
ReconciliationHanhThich NhatEmotional Health120.74
Recovering the SoulDosseyLarrySpiritual Health130.62
Reflections From The HeartThe Compassionate FriendsStories and Poems500.57.B
ReikiRandWilliamEnergy Therapies1000.14
Reincarnation and KarmaSteinerRudolfSpiritual Health130.47
Relaxation and Stress Reduction BookMcKayMatthew & FanningPatrickEmotional Health120.98
Relaxation and Stress Reduction WorkbookDavisMartha & EshelmanE. & McKayMatthewPhysical Health110.30
Remember The SecretKubler-RossElisabethChildren's Books332.29
Re-membering LivesHedtkeLorraineGeneral Bereavement300.28
Resilient GrievingHoneDr. LucyGeneral Bereavement300.78
Restful SleepChopraDeepakPhysical Health110.13
Return of the TricksterRobinsonEdenFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.29
Returning to the TeachingsRossRupertFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.10.A
ReunionsMoodyRaymondAfter Death136.03
Rise UpMonks of New SketeMeditation134.15
Ritual - PowerHealing and CommunitySomeMalidoma PatriceRitual132.15
Rituals for Living and DyingFeinsteinDavid & MayoPeg ElliotRitual132.07
Role of the Volunteer Director in the Care…Naylor etcStaff/Volunteer Resource800.18
Roots of Healing TouchBulbrookMary JoEnergy Therapies1000.17
Runaway DreamsWagameseRichardFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.20
Sacred Dying: Creating Rituals for Embracing the End of LifeAndersonMegoryRitual132.03
Sacred PassageCoberlyMargaretPalliative Care230.17.A
Sacred SpaceLinnDeniseRitual132.13
Sad BookRosenMichaelChildren's Books332.58
Sad NinjaStuparJelenaChildren's Books332.74
Saddest TimeSimonNormaChildren's Books332.79
Sainte BarbeLouisC. & BarrasC.Video/DVD700.41
Sarah: A Love StorySteelePeterStories and Poems510.09
Saturday Night MulberriesFergusonDorothyStories and Poems500.10.G
Saved by a PoemRosenKimStories and Poems500.92
Saying "Goodbye" - The First SnowfallSherwoodVideo/DVD - (STAFF)700.08.A
Saying GoodbyeOkunBarbara & NowinskiJosephPalliative Care230.38
Saying Goodbye to LuluDemasCorinneLoss of a Pet490.07
Saying Goodbye to Someone You LoveDresserN. & WassermanF.Palliative Care230.25
Scar TissueIgnatieffMichaelStories and Poems500.102
Se sentir triste quand qulequ'un meurtMundyLinusFrench900.24
Seat of the SoulZukavGaryAfter Death136.29.B
Second FirstsRasmussenChristinaGeneral Bereavement300.73
Secret Signature of ThingsJosephEveStories and Poems510.03
Secrets of the SoulHidden Treasures ProdVideo/DVD700.22
Seeker's GuideLesserElizabethSpiritual Health130.90
Seeking the Heart of WisdomGoldsteinJoseph & Jack KornfieldMeditation134.07
Self Acceptance ProjectSmionTami Sonds TrueAudio600.79
Seven ChiocesNeeldElizabethGeneral Bereavement300.27.C
Seven ChoicesNeeldElizabethGeneral Bereavement300.27
Seven Spiritual Laws of SuccessChopraDeepakSpiritual Health130.45.A
Seven Spiritual Laws of YogaChopraDeepakSpiritual Health130.39
Shaman and the Medicine WheelEatonEvelynFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.05
ShatteredRoeGaryLoss of a Child420.15
She Never Said GoodbyeDykstraRobertStories and Poems500.20
Shelter for the SpiritMoranVictoriaSpiritual Health130.17
Sibling GriefScheragoMarcia G.Supporting a Child334.03
Sight HoundHoustonPamStories and Poems500.99
SilenceSimplicityand SolitudeCooperDavid A.Meditation134.28
Sincere CondolencesAitkenJoyceSupporting the Bereaved320.16
Smell of Rain on DustPrechtelMartinGeneral Bereavement300.67
SnowmanVogelRobin HeleneChildren's Books332.18
Some Become FlowersBrownSharonStories and Poems500.22
Someone CaresRiceHelen SteinerStories and Poems500.34
Someone I Love DiedFerrisHeatherGrieving Teens340.08
Sometimes My Heart Goes NumbGarfieldCharlesPalliative Care230.22
Son of a TricksterRobinsonEdenFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.24
Soul Comfort for Cat LoversEastwoodLizLoss of a Pet490.08
Soul in GriefRomanyshynRobertGeneral Bereavement300.29
Soul of Healing MeditationsChopraDeepakAudio600.46
Soul StoriesZukavGaryAfter Death136.26
Spare RoomGarnerHelenStories and Poems500.95
Spiritual Crisis Of CancerCanadian Cancer SocietyCancer212.07.C
Spiritual Dimension of the EnneagramMaitriSandraEmotional Health120.19
Spirituality of ImperfectionKurtzErnestSpiritual Health130.70
Stacy Had a Little SisterOldWendyChildren's Books332.55
Staircase LettersMotyerArthur & GerwinElma & ShieldsCarolStories and Poems500.76
Standing at the EdgeHalifaxJoanEmotional Health120.97
Start Where You Are/ 5 disc seriesChodronPemaAudio600.08
Startled HeartJosephEveStories and Poems510.02
Step into the LightWolfeltAlan D.Emotional Health120.96
Still AliceGenovaLisaDementia216.05
Still Here: Embracing AgingChangingand DyingDassRamSpiritual Health130.01
Still To Be BornSchweibertPatRN & KirkPaulMDPerinatal Loss410.06.B
Stillborn - The Invisible DeathDefrainJohnPerinatal Loss410.03
StopTrying to Fix MeClarkNancyLoss of a Spouse440.19
Straight Talk About Death For TeenagersGrollmanEarl A.Grieving Teens340.07
Stress ReliefRossmanMartinAudio600.83
Strong and TenderSchwiebertPatLoss of a Child420.14
Success with Heart FailureSilverMarcPhysical Health110.07
Suicidal - Why We Kill OurselvesBeringJesseSuicide472.18
Suicide Of A ChildJohnsonMarv & JoySuicide472.02.A
Suicide: Teens Talk to TeensCrookMarionSuicide472.07
Summer SnowMillardEleanorStories and Poems500.87
Supporting Children After a Suicide LossMontgomerySarah & CoaleSusanSupporting a Child334.28
Sur le chagrin et le deuilKubler-RossElisabethFrench900.03
Surprised By JoyLewisC.S.Stories and Poems500.30
Surviving the Loss of a PetDuvalGretaLoss of a Pet490.10
Symphony of SpiritsForrestDeborah A.Dementia216.06
Taking the LeapChodronPemaEmotional Health120.65
Talking About Death: A Dialogue between Parent and ChildGrollmanEarl A.Supporting a Child334.01.A
Talking to HeavenVan PraaghJamesAfter Death136.06
Talking With Children About LossTrozziMariaSupporting a Child334.16
Taste Of BlackberriesSmithDoris BachananChildren's Books332.04
Tear SoupSchwiebertPat & DeKlyenChuckChildren's Books332.28
Telling the Stories of Life through Guided Autobiography GroupsBirrenJames ELife Review232.05
Telling Your Own StoriesDavisDonaldLife Review232.02
Temps grisBertrandP. & DelacroixS.French900.21
Ten Poems to Say GoodbyeHousdenRogerStories and Poems500.85
Tending Toward SilenceMcFarlaneArlinStaff/Volunteer Resource800.25
Tenth Good Thing About BarneyViorstJudithChildren's Books332.06.B
That Good NightPuriSunitaPalliative Care230.37
The Dougy Center ModelSchuurmanDonna L. & MitchellMonique B.Supporting a Child340.14
Theft of SpiritHammerschlagCarlStories and Poems500.90
Therapeutic TouchKriegerDoloresEnergy Therapies1000.05
There is Nothing Wrong with You for TeensHuberCheriEmotional Health120.58
They Left Us EverythingJohnsonPlumStories and Poems501.01
Things I Should Have Said to My FatherPowellJoannaStories and Poems500.59
Things That GrowGoldsteinMeredithGrieving Teens340.12
This Too Shall PassSamuelJuliaGeneral Bereavement300.87
Through a Season of GriefDunnBill and LeonardKathySpiritual Health130.93
Tibetan Book of the DeadThurmanRobert A. F.Spiritual Health130.13
Tibetan Book of the Living and DyingRinpocheSogyalSpiritual Health130.32.B
Time LivedWithout Its FlowRileyDeniseGeneral Bereavement300.76
Time To MournRiceRebeccaStories and Poems500.13
To the RiverGillmorDonSuicide472.17
Toujours pres de toiFontaineV. & PelletierN.French900.30
Transcending DivorceWolfeltAlan D.Emotional Health120.94
Transitions in Dying and BereavementVictoria Hospice SocietyLa mort et le processus de la mort220.48
Trauma Stewardshipvan Dernoot LipskyLauraEmotional Health120.79.A
Treatment of Complicated MourningRandoThereseStaff/Volunteer Resource800.15
Trickster DriftRobinsonEdenFirst Nations/Indigenous Perspectives460.25
True Happiness/ 2 disc seriesPema ChodronAudio600.07
Truth about GriefDavis KonigsbergRuthGeneral Bereavement300.47
Tu vivras dans nos coeurs pour toujoursTeckentrupBrittaFrench900.35
Tuesdays With MorrieAlbomMitchStories and Poems500.43
Twelve Weeks In SpringCallwoodJuneStories and Poems500.23.A
Un enfant pour léternitede MezeracIsabelleFrench900.07
Un paradis pour Petit OursVerroenD. & ErlbruchW.French900.27
Unattended SorrowLevineStephenGeneral Bereavement300.20.A
Uncommon TouchHarpurTomEnergy Therapies1000.02
Unconditional Life - Discovering the Power to Fulfill Your DreamsChopraDeepakEmotional Health120.21
Undefended LovePsarisJett & Marlena LyonsEmotional Health120.18.B
Understanding Anger During BereavementBaugherBobEmotional Health120.25.F
Understanding Death and DyingWilcox & SuttonLa mort et le processus de la mort220.27
Understanding Death and Illness and What They Teach About LifeFahertyCatherineGeneral Bereavement300.89
Understanding GriefHelping Yourself HealWolfeltAlan D.General Bereavement300.50
Understanding Your Grief: 10 Essential TouchstonesWolfeltAlan D.General Bereavement300.33.D
Understanding Your Suicide GriefWolfeltAlan D.Suicide472.16
Understanding Your Suicide GriefWolfletAlan D.Suicide472.16.G
Une chanson pour l'oiseauBrownM.W. & CharlipR.French900.23
Unstruck BellEaswaranEknathMeditation134.06
Unsung LullabiesVideo/DVD700.14
Untethered SoulSingerMichael A.Spiritual Health130.85
Velveteen RabbitWiliamsMargeryChildren's Books332.03
Velveteen RabbitWilliamsMargeryChildren's Books332.03.B
VisionTrips and Crowded RoomsKesslerDavidLa mort et le processus de la mort220.33
Visitations from the after LifeLawsonLeeAfter Death136.23
Vivre Apres Ta MortSauteraudAlainFrench900.04
Vivre le deuil au jour le jourFaureChristopheFrench900.05
Waking the Global HeartJudithAnodeaEmotional Health120.49
Walk Me To The WaterSeakwoodJohnVideo/DVD700.07.A
Walk with MeRaeJudyDementia216.08
Walking a Sacred PathArtressLaurenRitual132.11
Walking Each Other HomeDassRam & BushMirabaiSpiritual Health130.89
Walking MeditationHanhThich NhatMeditation134.21
Walking the Soul PathLeraRuthSpiritual Health130.92
Warming the Stone ChildEstesClarissa PinkolaAudio600.40
Water from the RockFraserLynSpiritual Health130.10
We Need To Talk: How to Have Conversations That MatterHeadleeCelesteEmotional Health120.87
Weather KidsJordanMarykateChildren's Books332.13
What Can I Say?OsmontKellySupporting the Bereaved320.01.A
What Dying People WantKuhlDavidPalliative230.14.D
What Happened to You?PerryBruce D.Emotional Health120.99
What Happens When Someone Dies?MundyMichaeleneChildren's Books332.39
What Helped When My Loved One DiedGrollmanEarl A.General Bereavement300.06
What Was Good About TodayKruckebergCarolStories and Poems500.06
What's Happening to Grandpa?ShriverMariaDementia216.03
Wheel of LifeKubler-RossElisabethStories and Poems500.88
Wheels of LightBruyereRosalyn LEnergy Therapies1000.11
When A Baby DiesLimboRana L. & WheelerSaraPerinatal Loss410.05
When a Friend Dies: A Book for Teens about Grieving and HealingGootmanMarilyn E.Grieving Teens340.03.A
When a Good-bye is ForeverBramblettJohnStories and Poems500.19
When A Parent is SickHamiltonJoanSupporting a Child334.13
When Breath Becomes AirKalanithiPaulStories and Poems510.06.A
When Death Impacts Your SchoolDougy Center for Grieving Children & FamiliesSupporting a Child334.27
When Death SpeaksGarrettStephen LloydLa mort et le processus de la mort220.38
When Dinosaurs Die - A Guide to Understanding DeathBrownLaurie Krasny & MarcChildren's Books332.22
When Hello Means GoodbyeSchwiebertPat & KirkPaulPerinatal Loss410.19.C
When Life Becomes PreciousBabcockElise NeeDellCancer210.01
When Professionals WeepKatzR & JohnsonTGeneral Bereavement300.46
When Someone Very Special DiesHeegardMargeSupporting a Child334.19
When the Body Says NoMateGaborEmotional Health120.63
When the Bough BreaksBernsteinJudith R.Loss of a Child420.06
When the Heart WaitsMonk KiddSueSpiritual Health130.82
When There Are No WordsWaltonCharlieSupporting the Bereaved320.04
When Things Fall ApartChodronPemaEmotional Health120.01.C
When Your Pet DiesWolfeltAlan D.Loss of a Pet490.03.C
When You're FallingDiveHuberCheriEmotional Health120.54
Where Angels WalkAndersonJoan WesterAfter Death136.07
Where Did You Go?RasmussenChristinaAfter Death136.39
Where's Jess?JohnsonJoy & JohnsonDr. S.M.Children's Books332.02.A
Wherever You Go There You AreKabat-ZinnJonMeditation130.18.B
Wherever You Go There You AreKabbat-ZinJonMeditation134.20
Which You are Seeking is Causing You to SeekHuberCheriEmotional Health120.57
White ShadowWardellDiane WindEnergy Therapies1000.06
Who Dies?LevineStephenSpiritual Health130.02.A
WhoMe Lead a Group?ClarkeJean IllsleyStaff/Volunteer Resource800.04
Why Did Grandma Die?MadlerTrudyChildren's Books332.09
Why Her Why NowElmerLonStories and Poems500.21
Why People Don't Heal and How They CanMyssCarolineAudio600.75
WidowCaineLynnStories and Poems500.16
Widow to WidowGinsburgGenevieveLoss of a Spouse440.06
WidowedPoloJohnLoss of a Spouse440.13
WidowerWhen Men are Left AloneCampbellScott & SilvermanPhyliss R.Men's Grief450.02
Wild Edge of SorrowWellerFrancisRitual132.14
Wilderness of Grief CDWolfeltAlan DAudio600.74
Wilderness of GriefFinding your WayWolfeltAlan D.General Bereavement300.39.Q
Wilfred Gordon McDonald PartridgeFoxMemChildren's Books332.25
Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?DoughtyCaitlinSupporting a Child334.25
Window To HeavenKompDiane M.La mort et le processus de la mort220.18
Wintering - The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult TimesMayKatherineEmotional Health120.102
Winter's GiftDonovanJaneChildren's Books332.62
Wisdom of ListeningBradyMarkSupporting the Bereaved320.07.A
Wisdom of No EscapeChodronPemaSpiritual Health130.69
Wisdom of the EnneagramRisoDon RichardEmotional Health120.52
With Those Who GrieveSoder-AlderferKayStories and Poems510.04
Woman's Comfort BookLoudenJenniferEmotional Health120.71
Worst LossRosofBarbara D.Loss of a Child420.05.A
Writing Down the BonesGoldbergNatalieJournaling Resources2000.01
Year of Magical ThinkingDidionJoanStories and Poems500.17.B
Year to LiveLevineStephenSpiritual Health130.09.A
Yoga for DepressionWeintraubAmyEmotional Health120.80
Yoga NidraMillerRichardAudio134.26
You Can Heal Your LifeHayLouiseEmotional Health120.33.B
Your Body is your Subconscious MindPertCandaceAudio600.09
Your Present: A Half Hour of PeaceMantellSusieAudio600.42
Your Soul's CompassBorysenkoJ. & DveirinE.Spiritual Health130.60
Your Soul's PlanSchwartzRobertAfter Death136.38
YoursMineand Our Children's GriefMertickElvaSupporting a Child334.15
Yukon First Nations Ask About CancerKassiNorma & WalkerJodyCancer212.26
Zen in the Art of HelpingBrandonDavidSupporting the Bereaved320.13
Zen of Listening: Mindful Communication in the Age of DistractionShafirRebecca ZSupporting the Bereaved320.08
Zoe et les papillons du souvenirBigrasDanielleFrench900.28

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