This year, as in many years past, our passionate and skilled volunteers have contributed countless hours towards the work of Hospice Yukon. Our volunteers help in myriad ways… they are part of all of our programs and services, and also help out ‘behind the scenes’. The following are some of the important ways they contribute:

  • they facilitate spring and fall walking groups in all types of weather
  • host ‘lunch’n’learns’ for caregivers of young children facing grief
  • facilitate opportunities for kids to create something in honor of their loved ones
  • provide public education about grief and self care
  • facilitate groups that provide a range of ways for people to process grief and mourn their losses: discussion groups, journal groups, poetry groups, and art groups
  • sit vigil with our elders in their last weeks and days of life
  • offer healing and relaxing energy therapy through Healing Touch
  • offer each other the opportunity to learn together, share a meal and recharge
  • do the ‘behind the scenes’ work that keeps everything running smoothly: laundry, baking, building desks, hanging curtains, fixing things, yardwork and so much more.
This is by no means an exhaustive list, but a small glimpse into the nature of our volunteers who our integral to the Hospice community. We thank them all. ❤