New paint and roof at 409 Jarvis

Two years ago Hospice Yukon was able to purchase the little house at 409 Jarvis Street that it had rented for many years thanks to a generous contribution from the Yukon Government. Hospice has now offered its services to the Yukon public from this house for 19 years, hopefully with many more to come.

And the good news doesn’t end there. After the house purchase sufficient funds remained to allow for some much-needed renovations to the old house.

People often remark on the warmth they feel when they walk through these doors so we wanted to share with you what has been done to preserve the longevity of the house and maintain its welcoming feel.

Some of these improvements are easily noticed, others less so. Altogether, the upgrades – some big, others small – have made a huge difference.

The roof was really showing its age. We were able to put a new roof on the house as well as on the storage shed at the back of the property.

Two original windows were replaced with new, better insulated ones, and new window coverings. Fresh interior paint and new flooring throughout the house have made it feel much brighter.

New floors, paint and windows in the front room at Hospice.

The counselling room at the back of the house looks fresh and inviting with the new paint, floors and also a new couch.

The bathroom received some upgraded fixtures, and the front entry room was improved with a better storage system for our office supplies, and better lighting.

We were also able to put new exterior paint on the house, shed and fence, which matches the colours of the main house and looks great.

Bamboo panels were installed along the side fence in the front yard, creating more privacy for people who come to use and enjoy the Peaceful Place.

We are thrilled that ATCO Electric Yukon chose Hospice Yukon as its staff fundraising beneficiary this year. As part of this program they donated many hours of staff time to strip and paint our shed. The pictures show the incredible before/after result. Thank you ATCO!

Also, Hospice financed the removal of our old furnace system and installation of a new, efficient propane furnace. This has led to substantial savings on our energy bills during the winter months.

Plans for more improvements in the future are in the works. Some of these include installing new lights in the basement, as well as upgrades to the electrical panel.

Altogether, a great deal of change has taken place at Hospice over the last two years. Please stop by to take it all in!