Hospice Yukon was saddened to learn of the death of Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles on August 1st 2017, at the Vancouver Hospice.

Andrew (known to us at that time as Jim Boyles) was instrumental in forming the Hospice Yukon Society in 1988. After much work with other volunteers to establish the organization, he then became Hospice Yukon’s first president on the first Board of Directors. He served in that position during Hospice Yukon’s early years, and his leadership and dedication to the Hospice philosophy helped to build the strong program that exists today.

Andrew is also remembered for his love of music and his contribution to the musical and arts community. Music played a large part in his life and he generously shared his passion with the people of the Yukon and other communities he called home.

Program Manager, Barb Evans-Ehricht shared these words about Andrew:

“He had his finger in many pies here in the North and used his leadership skills and free time to benefit many organizations. Andrew was a skillful President of our Society.  I am grateful for his role in my getting a start in hospice palliative care; he helped spark the passion I feel for people to have a meaningful last stage of living, and for those left behind to receive the healing support they desire.”

Our Board, our Staff, our Volunteers and our community are grateful for the pivotal role Andrew played in developing Hospice Yukon.

To read more about Andrew’s life, please click the link below: