A Peaceful Place on Jarvis I smThe front yard of Hospice House is being transformed into an outdoor ‘Peaceful Place’ that can be used by all for quiet contemplation and remembrance.

The process started this summer and will be ongoing as the different stages of the project get completed.  The idea was conceived by local artist and Hospice volunteer Josh Lesage.

On a recent trip to India and Nepal, Josh was inspired by the many ways that local people use rituals, prayer wheels and shrines to bring spirituality and the honouring of loved ones into daily life.  He wanted to create something that helps us re-integrate spirituality and remembrance into our lives, and is accessible to all in the community .

Josh-webJosh says “I hope this project will offer a space where people can feel a sense of safety and peace to sit with grief, memories or contemplations. The space will be open to everyone at any time; I hope people will use it for their personal rituals, whether it be offering flowers or lighting a candle at this ‘contemporary shrine'”.

The stone and wood alter that now sits outside Hospice House is the first stage in a three part project. Over the coming year Josh will create a stone carving of a swan to go on the altar, and the final stage involves building wooden decking and benches to surround the structure and make it an easily accessible and welcoming space for all.

We are glad that Hospice is the home for this beautiful space and look forward to seeing how it is used by people in the community. Please stop by to take a look!

If you would like to make a donation to support this project please call us: 667-7429.

Many thanks to the local businesses who have offered generous contributions towards this project: Whitehorse Motors, Murdoch’s, North End Gallery, Lenore Morris Law Firm, Independent Grocers, T n T Nature Tours, Klondike Rib and Salmon, Heritage Funeral Home and others who wish to remain anonymous.