“Planning for grief and loss is a missing piece in our leadership toolbox. We regularly practice fire drills and implement emergency plans that are rarely needed, yet somehow we fail to plan for tremendously impactful events like grief and loss that will inevitably occur in the workplace.”

feel hearts

Kelvin LearyFormer DM of ECO

Public Education workshop

“Thank you. For me, the two-day workshop made important connections for both my work and personal life. The content, practical tools and method of presentation flowed with an ease that kept me engaged and stimulated my interest to learn, practice and integrate these most core tools into my life.”

feel hearts

Tracy Rempel


Public Education

Many people have a sincere desire to support others through difficult times, but are unsure of how best to do that, and worry about making things worse by saying the wrong thing. We have developed several public education workshops aimed at raising awareness about death, grief and self-care. 

Living with Loss: Introduction to Healthy Grieving

A two-hour presentation offered 4 times a year as a webinar or in person at the Whitehorse Public Library. Gain a deeper understanding of the grieving journey, and learn how to best support yourself and others through difficult times.  

Check our events page for the next offering of Living with Loss.

Professional Education

We have two education presentations geared specifically for professionals. Building compassionate workplaces where loss and grief are acknowledged and supported is critical to the well being of any organization. These two workshops work to educate and empower both workplace leaders and frontline workers in navigating loss in the workplace. 

Both of these workshops are offered in partnership with the Northern Institute of Social Justice and Yukon University, and each one is offered just once a year.  Check our events page for the next offering of these workshops.

Loss and Grief in the Workplace

Every workplace will inevitably experience loss. When that happens - whether it is the death of a co-worker, loss of a family member, chronic illness, or other losses - the impact can ripple throughout the workplace affecting morale, motivation, and ultimately, productivity.

Loss in the Workplace teaches tools to help prepare for loss and grief in your work environment, as well as insight and knowledge about:

  • The nature of grief and how we heal
  • Practical tools to help you provide effective leadership in crises and high stress periods
  • Anticipating the challenges of supporting employees through difficult times
  • Establishing appropriate support and maintaining productivity in your unique work

The workshop is intended for managers, supervisors, educators, Human Resource professionals, school principals, and anyone in a leadership role in their workplace.

Caregiving through Loss and Grief 

This is a workshop for frontline professionals and family caregivers. It offers:

  • An in-depth look at how we grieve
  • Skills and resources for supporting others through loss
  • Practical tools for reducing stress and finding balance in your life
  • The opportunity to feel renewed and more confident in supporting yourself, your co-workers, clients and loved ones.

This webinar is intended for nurses, teachers, social workers, home support staff, therapists, child-care workers, counsellors, emergency medical staff, First Nations health workers, RCMP, and anyone who supports others as part of their work including family caregivers.