“When David was in his last weeks in the hospital – he would just beam when I asked him if he’d like Healing Touch….It seemed to help him find peace, to make the work of leaving his body easier for him. It seemed to bring him such great comfort especially near the end when he was getting more panicky about ‘not knowing how to die’. Somehow this gentle, non-invasive process seemed to bring such comfort to him.”

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Allanna Wiebecounselling client

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Palliative Support

Unlike many hospices in Canada, Hospice Yukon is not a place where people spend their last days – we do not have a facility with beds or nursing care. Our skilled and compassionate staff and volunteers offer support to clients wherever they are: at home, in hospital, at Wind River Hospice House, at continuing care facilities in Whitehorse, and in our downtown office.

We offer care to those with a life-limiting illness and their loved ones through counselling, Healing Touch and vigil support.

To inquire about receiving any of our Palliative support services, get in touch by phone (867-667-7429) or email info@hospiceyukon.net 


If you are living with a life limiting illness, counselling can be very beneficial in helping you identify goals, hopes and fears, and support you living fully for whatever time you have. Having someone to talk to outside of family and friends can support you in exploring the questions that arise at end of life.

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a relaxing energy therapy that supports physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Using gentle touch, it clears and balances the energy system. Those who are facing end of life find the sessions helpful in relieving pain, reducing anxiety, improving sleep and providing a sense of peace and calm.

Vigil Support

Vigil support is sitting bedside with a person during their last days to week of life. This service is offered at Wind River Hospice House, at the continuing care facilities and at the hospital as a support to family members and friends, or when loved ones are unable to be there. Trained Hospice volunteers see it as an honor to offer their presence in this way and are comfortable with the end of life journey and the dying process.


Companioning is available to palliative clients in any of Whitehorse's Continuing Care Facilities, the Whitehorse General Hospital, and at Wind River House. Hospice Yukon volunteers offer a quiet comforting presence and gentle support to people as they near the end of their lives. Companioning is intended for the last months of a person's life. The client may want Healing Touch one week, then a quiet presence the next week. Some visits may have tears, some may have laughter, or both. Some visits may have words and some may be quiet. A time may come when a person is no longer visibly responsive, but takes comfort in the kind and gentle presence of their Hospice Yukon Companion Volunteer.