“The grief support group was wonderful in so many ways-the people, the stories, and the support. The most healing part for me however, was having the permission and the space to come each week to remember, talk about and honour the special people I had recently lost.”

feel hearts

Sheila Bensoncounselling client

walking group

“I was reluctant to go to the grief support group, thinking it was too much time to take from my ‘busy and important schedule.’ It became the best part of my schedule and the most important thing for me to do. I looked forward to each session and the warm, comforting space filled with new found friends.”

feel hearts

Marnie Buyckcounselling client

Grief Groups

We offer a variety of groups to support the range of ways people find healing in their grief. Our grief groups are facilitated by trained Hospice Yukon volunteers. We are continually revising and improving our services to meet the changing needs of Yukoners. Check our events page to see upcoming grief group offerings.

If you have questions about any of our groups call or email.

Walking Group

The Walking Group offers those who are grieving the death of a loved one the opportunity to connect with others, and enjoy fresh air and gentle exercise. Hospice volunteers create a supportive group environment and a safe place to share.The group walks at an easy pace in pairs around the 4km Millennium Trail. 

The Walking Group is offered twice a year – in the Spring and in the Fall. Check our events page for upcoming offerings. 

“I made new friends and it was so important to keep talking and sharing and keeping memories of my loved ones alive.” 

Discussion Group

The Grief Discussion groups provide a safe place to grieve, share stories and express feelings. Finding support and connection with others who are also experiencing loss is comforting and healing. Hospice staff and volunteers guide the groups and offer discussion topics for learning and exploration.

Check our events page for upcoming offerings. 

Grief Journalling Group

Journaling is a tried and true coping tool for exploring the intense emotions we feel after losing someone we love. This workshop teaches journaling techniques and allows participants to explore a loss that they are grieving through writing. No prior journaling experience necessary.

Check our events page for upcoming offerings. 

Loss and Creative Expressions

Often in our busy lives it seems we don’t have time to grieve. This one-session program offers a supportive space to explore a loss through collage, painting, writing, or making a memory box. Focussing on the process rather than the end product, participants can deepen their healing when they express emotions in a non-verbal way.

Check our events page for upcoming offerings. 

“I really appreciated the format of the group – the personal connection at the beginning and the end, and the time to work on our own process and at our own pace. As always I appreciate the warmth, caring support, and nurturing at Hospice Yukon. Thank you so much for all your services, your time and energy and your genuineness!”  

Grief Poetry Group

This is a writing workshop where you can explore a loss you are grieving through poetry. No previous experience writing poetry is needed, just an interest in using poetry as a way to express emotions or mark important life events. This is not a support group, but an opportunity to learn how to use poetry to navigate grief. 

Check our events page for upcoming offerings. 

Kids Create

The connection between the head, the heart and the hand helps kids express deeply held feelings. Expressing loss through creative experiences is an important part of healthy grieving and can teach children positive coping skills that will last a lifetime.

This is an afternoon for children aged 6 to 12 to participate with parent/caregiver to remember a beloved person or pet who has died. Hospice volunteers lead them through simple crafts, drawing, and optional show and tell. Children attend with an adult and participate in the workshop together.

Check our events page for upcoming offerings.