suzanne with feelie hearts

Feelie Hearts

‘Feelie hearts’ are small stuffed hearts perfect for tucking into a pocket or purse. They bring comfort and are a tangible reminder to hold our heart tenderly.  

Feelie Hearts were first made by volunteers at an organization that supports children whose lives have been touched by loss. The little soft hearts were a simple way to remind children that they are loved, and that they can love. 

Hospice Yukon has a long tradition of making and giving ‘Feelie Hearts’ and have found what a simple comfort they bring. We give out hundreds of hearts each year that are hand-sewn by volunteers using soft, recycled fabrics. No two are exactly alike and each has a life of its own.  

Sometimes Feelie Hearts get passed on. Someone who has been grieving may give theirs to a friend going through hard times. When we have the freedom to grieve, loss often turns naturally into compassion.  

Sewing a Feelie Heart can be healing in and of itself. When a community of people are gathered in common grief, sitting together and sewing hearts can be a source of comfort.                                          

You are welcomed to visit us to choose a heart for yourself or for a friend, to bring along on your healing journey.

We are also always looking for Volunteers to sew Feelie Hearts to keep our stash full. If you are interested in doing this, please get in touch using the contact info below.

You can sew Feelie Hearts in any soft materials. Here's a template for a preferred size.

You can read a story about the origin of Feelie Hearts.