“from a grateful father’s heart to an organization I will forever be indebted to – indebted because I am healed now and able to live life with a fullness and a completeness that would not have been possible had you not been there for me during my time of darkness.”

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Ken Mathiescounselling client

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Our counsellors specialize in understanding the unique struggles that can accompany loss and grief. They offer compassion and sensitivity, as well as a deep respect for each individual’s experience. They listen without judgement, as it is often in the simple act of being heard that we find our greatest comfort. 

We offer one-to-one as well as family or group support. Appointments are available Wednesdays through Fridays. To make an appointment, get in touch by phone (867-667-7429) or email info@hospiceyukon.net

Grief Counselling

Each loss is unique. Some will find counselling helpful immediately after a death, or years later when the time has come to heal unresolved losses. All are welcome.

Anticipatory Grief Counselling

When the death of a family member or friend is anticipated, loss and grief become part of the journey for those that will be left behind. Talking about these difficult feelings can be a way to support yourself as you support your loved one who is dying.

Palliative Counselling

If you are living with a life limiting illness, counselling can be beneficial in helping you live with the uncertainty while still seeking meaningful control over whatever may lie ahead. A grief counsellor will support you in expressing your hopes and fears, and to live your life fully for the time you have.