Upcoming Events

1 – Grief Walking Group

Walking in nature is a wonderful way to nurture yourself when you are grieving the loss of a loved one ...
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2 – Living with Loss – In Person

This is a free workshop to help you support yourself and others in times of grief. You will learn about the ...
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3 – Scent & Memory Writing Workshop

Free workshop - Registration Required Why do scents trigger memory in deep and profound ways? How can we use our ...
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4 – Caregivers Get-Together

Are you caregiving for someone with a life-limiting illness? Need an hour to yourself to connect with peers, feel heard, ...
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5 – Supporting the Grieving Child

Teachers and caregivers play an important role in helping grieving children feel supported outside their home environment. When a child ...
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6 – Loss and Grief in the Workplace

Loss and grief will inevitably affect all workplaces. Taking a proactive approach to grief and loss enables a workplace to ...
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7 – Living with Loss – Online

This is a free workshop to help you support yourself and others in times of grief. You will learn about the ...
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8 – Indoor Grief Walking Group

Walking with others can be a great way to give yourself some much-needed care when you are grieving the loss ...
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Day hospice

9 – Day Hospice

Are you living with a life-limiting illness? We offer a free monthly Day Hospice. A chance to connect with peers ...
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If you have questions about any of our events, call 867-667-7429 or email us.

Annual Events
Lights of Life

For over thirty years Hospice Yukon has hosted Lights of Life as a special way to remember loved ones who have died during the holiday season. The pain of missing loved ones can be especially difficult at this time of year. Hanging a remembrance tag on Lights of Life tree is a simple way to honouring lives of those we have loved and miss.

Lights of Life trees are available at many locations in Whitehorse as well as in many rural communities. At our main Lights of Life location in the atrium of the Elijah Smith Building on Main Street in Whitehorse, Hospice Yukon volunteers are on site to support, listen, and share in your stories.

"What a wonderful experience the Lights of Life ceremony was for me!  The atmosphere, the company of volunteers, the folks sharing, their stories...just what I needed & I'm sure a gift to so many in the community."

Loss and Grief in the Workplace

Every workplace will inevitably experience loss. When that happens – whether it is the death of a co-worker, loss of a family member, chronic illness, or other losses – the impact can ripple throughout the workplace affecting morale, motivation, and ultimately, productivity.

Loss in the Workplace is a workshop Hospice Yukon offers in partnership with the Northern Institute of Social Justice and Yukon University. It teaches tools to help prepare for loss and grief in your work environment, as well as insight and knowledge about:

  • The nature of grief and how we heal
  • Practical tools to help you provide effective leadership in crises and high stress periods
  • Anticipating the challenges of supporting employees through difficult times
  • Establishing appropriate support and maintaining productivity in your unique work

The workshop is intended for managers, supervisors, educators, Human Resource professionals, school principals, and anyone in a leadership role in their workplace.

Caregiving through Loss and Grief

This workshop is offered by Hospice Yukon in partnership with the Northern Institute of Social Justice and Yukon University. It offers:

  • An in-depth look at how we grieve
  • Skills and resources for supporting others through loss
  • Practical tools for reducing stress and finding balance in your life
  • The opportunity to feel renewed and more confident in supporting yourself, your co-workers, clients and loved ones.

This webinar is intended for nurses, teachers, social workers, home support staff, therapists, child-care workers, counsellors, emergency medical staff, First Nations health workers, RCMP, and anyone who supports others as part of their work including family caregivers.