TLC for Hospice House

Two years ago Hospice Yukon was able to purchase the little house at 409 Jarvis Street that it had rented for many years thanks to a generous contribution from the Yukon Government. Hospice has now offered its services to the Yukon public from this house for 19 years, hopefully with many more to come. And … Read More

Hospice Board Sees Change in 2017

Hospice Yukon has been blessed with being served by many skilled and dedicated board members since its inception more than 27 years ago. 2017 was a year of change for our Board of Directors. We said a huge thank you and fond farewell to long-time volunteer and board member, Lori Eastmure, and a warm welcome to new board member, … Read More

Workshop teaches Compassionate Workplace Leadership

On November 29th Hospice Yukon will be offering a workshop geared towards helping Managers and other workplace leaders establish compassion as a guiding principle in the workplace and create policies that will support employees when their lives are affected by grief and loss. This workshop is offered in partnership with Yukon College and the Northern … Read More

Assisted Dying Legislation raises Palliative Care Issues

The legislation on medically assisted dying was passed in Canada over a year ago, in June 2016. We wrote this piece in an effort to clarify the difference and relationship between MAiD and palliative care, as well as highlight some of the important issues around the accessibility high quality palliative care to all Canadians.  As … Read More

Hospice remembers Andrew (Jim) Boyles

Hospice Yukon was saddened to learn of the death of Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles on August 1st 2017, at the Vancouver Hospice. Andrew (known to us at that time as Jim Boyles) was instrumental in forming the Hospice Yukon Society in 1988. After much work with other volunteers to establish the organization, he then became Hospice Yukon’s … Read More

Completion of the Peaceful Place

The Peaceful Place in the front yard of Hospice House that has been taking shape over the last two years is now complete. The final components recently put into place include a bronze plaque that welcomes visitors and describes the intent of the space, and bamboo fencing that gives some privacy and a visual separation from the parking lot … Read More

Share a loved one’s clothing at Lights of Life

Do you own a special piece of clothing that once belonged to a loved one who died?  Perhaps Grandpa’s special vest, Grandma’s apron, dad’s old coat, mom’s dressing gown, or a favourite t-shirt that belonged to a sibling?  These are precious items that are so much more than clothes. They hold memories of the person who … Read More

Hospice Teaches How to Heal through Loss

No one wants to talk about death and dying.  It can feel uncomfortable, difficult to broach, or too personal. But grief is a path that we all walk at some point in our lives, and accepting and learning about this normal part of life can actually lead to a greater sense of fulfillment. This is … Read More

Continuity and Change on the Hospice Board

One of the key measures of the health and success of a non-profit organization lies in its leadership. Hospice Yukon has been a dynamic, healthy organization for more than twenty five years thanks in large part to the time and dedication of its volunteer Board Members. Over the course of these two and a half decades we have seen both changes … Read More

Strength Within Circle

It didn’t take us long to say  “Yes!”  to participate in the First Nations ‘Strength Within Circle’ Youth Wellness Gathering this summer.  The cultural event was co-hosted by Kwanlin Dun First Nation and Our Voices – a collective of inspired young indigenous leaders. The sun was shining Saturday morning as Hospice volunteer extraordinaire Joshua Lesage … Read More